Best Budget Graphics Card to Buy in 2022

Best Budget Graphics Card to Buy in 2022

We can assure you that the best budget graphics cards aren’t skimping on performance despite their price. Since Nvidia and AMD are striving to outdo each other, we’ve seen several impressive GPUs over the past couple of years that are cheaper than their predecessors and excellent budget models designed for people who don’t require lots of power.

This doesn’t mean that the budget GPUs don’t have the ability to handle heavy-duty tasks. For cheap, the top graphics cards are equipped with greater power than you’d expect and can take on heavy tasks. Therefore, even though the top graphics cards can garner most of the spotlight, you don’t need to shell out $1,000 or even PS1,000 to enjoy a high-quality graphic performance for games or content production. Following your requirements, you may need an inexpensive graphics card capable of handling the games played on PC with lower settings and occasionally do some editing or editing of video or pictures. If you’re someone who is looking to get the max output out of your Graphics Card while using an AMD processor, then our list of Best budget am3+ Motherboard can help

If you’re looking for something from the Radeon line or an Nvidia GeForce GPU, here are the most affordable graphics cards that you can purchase today. We also include the price-comparison tool, so you can get even more affordable by taking advantage of the most affordable GPU bargains.

If you’re a serious PC gamer, the component of your system that will be the most influential on the performance of your game will be your graphic card. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a budget-friendly gaming machine and searching for a graphics card that can offer the highest performance in what you can afford, or seeking to upgrade your old system, and want an affordable choice that allows you to play games at low settings, the good option is that there are several choices to select from.

In this article, we’ve looked at seven of the most affordable video cards that cost less than $200 to provide you with viable alternatives to upgrade or build at various price ranges. The options vary from 1080P beasts that can play all games on a budget 1080P display with moderate settings to entry-level models that are extremely affordable and are ideal for upgrading an older device that isn’t able to play games with a 1080P display. The role of graphics cards becomes even more crucial when it comes to the main servers’ PCs. You can centralize one PC and then can have the ultimate performance on all the connecting PCs using the server. If you’re looking for the Best server motherboard, here’s our detailed article you can look into.

If you don’t have an enormous budget but need an upgraded graphics card that can allow players to enjoy your most-loved games, then one of the choices below will suffice for you.

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Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT

  • Best Cheap Budget Graphics Card
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super

  • Best Budget Graphics Card for 1080p Gaming
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GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

  • Best Bang for the Buck Graphics Card

Top Pick

Our top choice for today’s selection of the most affordable graphics card is the Gigabyte 5500XT RX. If you’re searching for the top budget graphics card that costs less than $200, the RX 5500 XT is the best option. There are times when you might locate the RX 590 and GTX 1660 fr under $200; However, as of the moment, this RX 590 is difficult to locate anywhere, and all GTX 1660s cost over $200.

If you’re just $200 in your pocket, The Giantbyte RX 5500 XT could be your most effective choice. This Gigabyte card is equipped with a Dual fan WINDFORCE 2X configuration, with a base speed of 1647MHz and 8GB VRAM.

With its dual-fan configuration, the RX 5500XT is only 8.9-inches long, making it a great choice for a compact form-factor computer.

The RX 5500 XT can run any game at 1080P resolution without any issues. You can expect to play most games with this resolution at moderate settings.

Things to consider when buying the right Graphics Card

It can be not easy to pick the best graphic card for your needs. There are two companies, AMD and Nvidia, which are accountable for all GPUs on the market. Each company has a range of choices that meet any price range and requirement in graphics. While your first option might be to choose the best company, it’s crucial to consider the budget you’re able to afford and the resolution you’ll play at.

In all likelihood, an expensive GPU like the GeForce RTX 3080 might be quite expensive, given the cost and the ability to keep on top of 4K resolution. AMD’s new line of cars will be more affordable than Nvidia products, but it’s not likely to last many years as rumors about GPUs becoming more expensive over the next year are circulating. When Nvidia released their new GPUs, it was the norm that they reduced prices to make them more competitive. This means the cost difference isn’t as significant; however, it’s important to consider. Every business has a GPU suitable for any game, regardless of whether you’re using 1080p, 1440p or even 4K, at the same costs.

One of the most important metrics to determine the performance of a GPU will be the quantity of RAM equipped with. For example, a high-end GPU with a resolution of 1080p might have 8GB of GDDR6 RAM; however, a GPU specifically designed for larger resolutions, like AMD’s AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, comes with 12GB.

The only place where the performance of both firms differs is in the process of ray tracing – an innovative rendering technique that improves reflections, shadows and, more precisely, replicates light. For AMD RDNA 2, the company is only implementing the new technology. Although Nvidia Ampere GPUs are not the first product from the company, they have discovered an option to allow it for use in Quake 2. This is for the older GPUs. Nvidia was around for quite a while and is, therefore, more efficient.

Another thing to think about, particularly if you’re making a computer or upgrading your gaming machine make sure the GPU you pick can be used with the motherboard installed on your computer. Finally, you’ll be in a position to play the most well-known PC games if the computer isn’t capable of recognizing the GPU that you’ve chosen to install.

However, changing the graphics card in gaming laptops isn’t an option; however, the same limitations are applicable. You can purchase an affordable model using the Nvidia GeForce GeForce RTX3060 or opt for the 3080 RTX.

When you are looking to purchase graphics cards, take into consideration the following factors:

Resolution: The higher the resolution you’re pushing, the more performance you require. It doesn’t require a premium GPU to play games at 1080p.

PSU: Ensure that your power supply can supply enough juice as well as the appropriate 6- or eight-pin connector(s). For instance, Nvidia recommends a 550-watt PSU to power the RTX 3060, and you’ll require at the very least an 8-pin connector as well as perhaps an 8-pin PEG connector too.

Video Memory: A card with 4GB is the minimum current, but 6GB models are superior while 8GB is highly suggested. Certain games are now able to utilize 12GB of VRAM. However, they’re more of an exception than the norm.

G-Sync or FreeSync: Either the variable-refresh rate technologies can allow your GPU to synchronize its frame rate to your display’s refresh rate. Nvidia is compatible with G-Sync, and G-Sync Displays (for suggestions, refer to our Best Gaming Monitors list), and AMD’s FreeSync technology works with Radeon cards.

Ray Tracing DLSS Ray Tracing: DLSS and FSR The most recent graphics cards can support Ray Tracing and DLSS, which are used to improve the visuals. DLSS allows intelligent scaling and anti-aliasing for improved performance while maintaining the same image quality; however, it is only accessible on Nvidia RTX cards. AMD’s FSR is compatible with virtually every GPU and offers upscale and enhancement, but only on a specific part of games.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

GTX 1650 Super

List of Best Budget Graphics Card

  1. Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT – Best Cheap Budget Graphics Card
  2. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super – Best Budget Graphics Card for 1080p Gaming
  3. GeForce RTX 3060 Ti – Best Bang for the Buck Graphics Card
  4. GTX 1650 Super – Best Overall Budget Gaming Card
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1. Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT – Best Cheap Budget Graphics Card

If you’re searching for the most affordable graphics card that costs less than $200, then the RX 5500 XT may be the best option. There are times when you might locate the RX 590 or GTX 1660 fr under $200; however, as of the moment, this RX 590 is hard to locate anywhere, and all GTX 1660s are priced over $200.

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If you’re around $200 to spend, then the Gigabyte RX 5500 XT is the most effective choice. This Gigabyte card is equipped with the dual-fan WINDFORCE 2X configuration. It also has a base speed of 1647MHz with 8GB of RAM.

With its dual-fan configuration, the RX 5500XT is only 8.9-inches in length, making it an ideal choice for a smaller form-factor PC.

In the end, the RX 5500XT can play every game in 1080P without any issue. It is recommended to play most games at this resolution, at least in moderate settings.


Brand: Gigabyte

Graphics Coprocessor: AMD Radeon RX 580

Video Output Interface: DisplayPort, HDMI

Chipset Brand: AMD

Graphics RAM Type: GDDR6

1647MHz Clock


8.9-Inches Long

450-Watt PSU


7nm Radeon RDNA architecture

Accelerated Game Fidelity

Radeon Image Sharpening & FidelityFX

FreeSync & FreeSync 2 HDR technology

WINDFORCE 2X, with alternate spinning fans.

Direct Touch Copper Heating Pipes

Simple Controls for AORUS Engine


  • Best Budget Graphics Card


  • Not a good choice for AAA titles.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GTX-1650-Super-1.jpg

2. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super – Best Budget Graphics Card for 1080p Gaming

In addition to replacing it with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super is undoubtedly one of the most affordable graphics cards available currently. It can crank up to nearly 80 FPS in Middle Earth: Shadow of War using Ultra graphics settings at 1080p and getting a decent 54 FPS when 1440p is used. This is impressive considering that it’s priced at less than $250 (PS200 400 AU$).

The price is closer to the $200 mark (sort of). The primary choice is one of three options: the GeForce GTX 1660 Super, the basic GeForce GTX 1660, or the RX 5500 8GB XT. All of them are viable options. We’ve performed the tests (see the following) as well. The GTX 1660 Super is 15 per cent faster than the standard 1660 and more than 20 percent faster than RX 5500 8GB XT. In essence, we urge you to invest the extra cash for the performance enhancement. If you could get a 1660 Super at less than $230. A price of $500+ for a GTX 1660 Super, on the contrary, is not an affordable price.

We’ve reviewed the GTX 1660 vs. RX 5500 XT and decided that the Nvidia card is the winner, but we believe that the GTX 1660 Super is better than the GTX 1660. We used to believe that the RTX 2060 and the RX 5600XT could be superior, but the rising prices for these cards make them less appealing these days. There’s also the RX 6500 XT and RTX 3050, and both should surpass those 1660 Super in terms of performance. Maybe. Stay tuned to learn more.

Even though it uses TSMC 12nm FinFET technology, power usage is essentially identical to AMD’s Navi 14 chips that use TSMC 7nm FinFET. The reality that Nvidia is quicker and draws a similar amount of power with the older manufacturing node is a big deal. For $230, this GTX 1660 Super basically gets you the same performance as the GTX 1070, but in an improved design. It also includes the upgraded Turing NVENC, which is an ideal option when streaming videos.

The biggest drawback of the GTX 1660 Super is that it is possible that Ampere and Navi 2x models will fall to the $250 mark soon. At the very least, we may see them as long as the shortages persist. The GTX 1660 Super has roughly the same speed as the GTX 1070, but it’s about as fast as the GTX 1070 with less power. It also handles 1080p fairly well; however, the present market conditions make buying any card a bit risky.

However, this Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super card isn’t without its flaws. It does come with a DVI port, but it doesn’t have another HDMI port (or even a USB-C) and, while it does come with a DisplayPort, you won’t have multiple displays running with this card. Also, it doesn’t have ray-tracing cores, but this isn’t unexpected considering it’s an entry-level graphics card. But, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a graphics card as impressive as this one—Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super at the same price.


Stream Processors: 1408

The base clock of the core: 1.520 MHz

Core boost clock 1 785 MHz

Memory: 6 GB GDDR6

Memory clock 14 Gbps

Connectors for power 1x 6-pin

Outputs: 1 x DisplayPort 1.4a, 1 x HDMI 2.0b, DL-DVI


Excellent 1080p performance



  • Best Budget Graphics Card for 1080p Gaming


  • No RT Cores
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GeForce-RTX-3060-Ti.jpg

3. GeForce RTX 3060 Ti – Best Bang for the Buck Graphics Card

Nvidia’s Ampere marches on with what may be the most powerful of the lot. The GeForce 3060 Ti comes with all the features of the other 30 series GPUs and comes with a base cost of only $399. In theory, it will sell out as fast as the other graphics cards. At present, the average auction price is 1,000 dollars, 2.5X the nominal MSRP.

The 3060 Ti surpasses the 2080 Super in terms of performance, and it won every test we conducted. It’s also nine percent faster than 3070, but it costs 20 percent less. If you’re still running the GTX series or another GPU, for example, the GTX 1070, or RX Vega 56, the 3060 Ti can be double the speed and sometimes even faster when playing the most recent games.

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The main issue is the absence of VRAM. 8GB is plenty in the present. However, some games are pushing over that limit. Of course, you can lower the quality of the textures by a few pips and not even be aware of that difference. But within you, you’ll feel regret. (Not at all, as high settings can appear to be indistinguishable from ultra-settings.)

Until AMD launches its next batch of RDNA2 cards, and we’re expecting it to release in early 2021’s quarter one, there’s no comparison to the 3060 Ti for anything near the $399 price tag. It’s 35 to 45 percent faster than the 2060 Super and 25-30 percent more efficient than its predecessor, the RX 5700 XT and all at the same price.

The main issue is getting any of the cards available for auction. The mining performance is pretty close to the 3070 (at least, for versions that aren’t LHR) and AMD’s newest generation cards, meaning the prices can be double or triple the launch price. Additionally, 8GB is unwieldy, considering the 1070’s memory four years ago.


GPU: Ampere (GA104)

GPU Cores: 4864

Boost Clock: 1,665 MHz

Video RAM: 8GB GDDR6 14 Gbps

TDP 200 Watts


It beats the 2080 Super by $300 less

The most value overall (fps/$)

Excellent idea for RT at 1440p using DLSS


  • Best Bang for the Buck Graphics Card


  • 8GB may not be enough VRAM for the long-term
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GTX-1650-Super.jpg

4. GTX 1650 Super – Best Overall Budget Gaming Card

The price range of budget GPUs usually leads to older models, but since Ampere and RDNA2 are out, we’re a generation further behind the newest and most powerful. This GTX 1650 Super has now been replaced by its predecessor, the RX 570 4GB, priced at $120-$130 and seemed to be many years old. The 1650 Super has 30% more performance while using a lot less power. It is also more expensive than the 570, or at least, what the 570 was previously cost — it appears that supplies are now depleted for the previous AMD card.

However, if cost is the main worry, no budget GPUs will be spared from shortages. There was a time when prices were $150 to $160 for the Super 1650; however, now it’s hard to find a GPU for less than $300. Other graphics cards (like those with the RX 5500 XT with 8GB) rise in price to the point that they are beginning to take over the (also priced too high) GTX 1660 Super. The RX 570 4GB cards cost around $220 on eBay right now, although we’d recommend against purchasing a second-hand GPU.

We are happy with Nvidia offering the most recent NVENC technology on their 1650 Super. If you’re looking for a low-cost streaming device that will do the trick and is ideal for light games such as CSGO as well as LoL. It also helps with video conferencing software becoming more popular in the COVID pandemic. It is important to note that unlike the older generation GTX 1050, the 1650 Super will require the 6-pin power connector for this 1650 Super.


GPU: TU116

GPU Cores: 1280

Boost Clock: 1,725 MHz

Video RAM: 4GB GDDR6 12 Gbps

TDP 100 Watts


Runs every game at decent fps

High-efficiency architecture

The latest NVENC version is fantastic for video


  • Best Overall Budget Gaming Card


  • The 4GB VRAM limit is the same as 4GB.


What is a budget-friendly graphics card?

The most straightforward answer is to choose a graphics card that meets your needs. Selecting a budget-friendly graphics card that doesn’t meet your minimum needs will not do any good to your business. Instead, you should pick a model with an adequate clock speed and a powerful core processor.

Which is the most affordable two-GB graphic card?

A graphics card with 2GB is an excellent choice for personal requirements when working. A card with 2GB of memory might not be able to handle the most demanding degree of gaming. The most effective thing to do is buy one with an impressive heatsink and such an option. We’ve found a Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 to be the top low-cost graphics card on the market today.

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Is GTX superior to RTX?

There are two kinds of graphics cards: the GTX or The RTX are two different models of graphics cards available on the market. But, it’s not the amount of money that determines the distinction between these two models. It’s the performance that makes the difference. The GTX 1080 Ti is typically superior to other RTX models. However, they’re priced high too.


A graphics card is the primary component of any gaming console or computer configuration. It lets you play your favorite games without any streaming delays and play 4K-quality movies. When you play games that have more resolution, it will require more power out of the graphics processor. With the best budget graphics card, it will play smoothly.

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