How to restart graphics card

How to restart graphics card

This Guide about How to restart graphics card amd usually identifies a problem with the memory and graphics driver and usually resolves automatically. Because I think we have at least once, locking the PC screen causes a gel and then the screen shuts off for a second and then recharges and restarts.

However, if there are issues or sudden screen crashes that do not resolve themselves, you need to know how to restart graphics card driver, then Windows 10 immediately using a simple key combination. Can be done on

If you want to restore and restart the video card driver in Windows 10 and Windows 8, you can press Windows keyboard keys + Ctrl + Shift + B simultaneously.

After pressing these buttons, you will see the screen flash and turn black for a second, and then reactivate in less than a second.

All programs are open and no jobs will be lost.

This is the easiest way to reconfigure the graphics controller without the need for an administrator account and works well with graphics controllers from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel.

There is no guarantee that this will fix the system crash, however if your computer crashes due to a graphics driver issue, this link can fix it.

It can fix crashes while playing shortcut games, but can also fix crashes that usually occur when using a PC.

Obviously, if video blocking is a frequent problem, it is possible that the graphics driver is bad.

Then you need to reinstall the video card driver and update it to the latest version.

Note that previous versions of the video drivers are not compatible with the latest update to Windows 10 and there are many issues with this.

You can then uninstall the existing video driver by opening the Device Manager tool and looking in the control panel.

In Device Manager, find the video cards and uninstall the card inside you by right-clicking on the mouse and selecting Uninstall.

When the computer restarts, Windows will automatically install the appropriate driver using the Windows Update System.

If not, please refer to the guide for downloading and installing updated AMD or NVIDIA video card drivers.

Speed up your Windows PC to restart graphics card.

The first sign of a computer that does not work like Windows should start the procedure, that is, a whole series of transmissions, from pressing the computer’s power button to the appearance of the Windows desktop.

There is nothing more annoying than a computer that takes a few minutes to get started.

Before understanding how to speed up a computer startup, it is important to know the reasons that can lead to a slow startup.

Finally, the main reasons for slow Windows loading are:

1) Number and weight of programs in automatic start

2) Number of services with automatic start.

3) Disk to disk defects.

4) Defragment the hard drive

5) The disk is very full.

6) Presence of malicious software

7) Insufficient RAM

Note: Finding a way to speed up a computer startup can be useful and interesting.

1) Program with restart graphics card

As mentioned in the previous article, the first task is to uninstall all the programs we do not need, and the second task is to check which programs start automatically.

Unfortunately, most popular and popular programs, such as Skype, Adobe Acrobat, and many others, are set to load after installation, which results in longer boot time.

While in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, this control can be done directly from the Task Manager (press CTRL-Shift-ESC simultaneously, click on “More Details” and finally on the Startup tab), where you can automatically Disable the startup process. You should use one of these in Windows 7.

Note 1: One of the programs that starts automatically is an anti-virus program which obviously cannot be disabled.

However, if you are using an older or cheaper computer with less RAM, you should completely uninstall the antivirus program and rely entirely on it, running Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 or later. Works great

Note 2: If you want to keep a lot of programs on the road, I suggest a great tool like Startup Delayer that works.

2) Services for automatic start

Windows services are internal processes of the operating system that allow certain basic functions, such as printing, connecting to the Internet, listening to sound, and so on.

However, services scheduled for auto-launch may include installed programs or non-essential services.

Managing Windows services is not the easiest thing in the world, so less experienced people don’t want to touch them.

But if you think you have enough of your own computer, I can take you to a guide and how to support it.

3) Disk, de-fragmented or complete

If you’re wondering why a tablet or iPad turns on in a few seconds, when the computer takes minutes, the answer is that the tablet has a chip, while most low cost or older computers have a disk. Is. Always the slowest component of hardware.

Also, if the hard drive has errors, if it is defragmented or if it is almost full, the load time will increase even more.

Please note that in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, disk defragmentation is automatic and never necessary.

However, I will give you a guide on how it is always useful.

And it can be decisive in some cases.

4) Anti-malware control

One of the symptoms of malware on the system is the slow loading of Windows startup.

It may not be an active virus, but there are some remnants of malware discovered by an antivirus, or a silent spyware that does not appear in any way, but slows down the boot and every load. Is.

Even for those who have no reason to suspect the presence of a virus, it would be good to scan from time to time with one of the malwarebytes.

5) Ram

RAM is always the most common reason for a free computer for restart graphics card because it is often insufficient.

Not only does this make it faster in startups, but it is also new and faster in any program.

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