How to tell if your graphics card is dying

How to tell if your graphics card is dying

Since I bought my new computer, I’m a little crazy about my hardware. I’m constantly on the lookout for signs of failure, even when there is no real reason. One of the areas where I’m most concerned about finding signs of failure is on my graphics card. It wasn’t a cheap purchase, after all. I am well aware of all the signs that my card is running out of time.

Today I am going to share them with you. If they are lucky, they can solve the problem before the computer runs out.

Come too Stuttering

Excessive stuttering while playing video games, watching movies or playing videos can be a sign of a bad graphics card, but it should not be used to diagnose a problem by itself. This commotion can easily be the result of a whole list of other issues, including bad RAM, a faulty hard drive, bad software, malware growth, or even poor quality monitor. Check your card if you experience excessive and unusual stuttering, but do not immediately realize that your card needs to be replaced due to stuttering.

Artifacts are everywhere.

Visual cues are a great indication that something is wrong with your graphics card. At the same time, it can often be the result of heating problems, either by excessive overclocking or the accumulation of dust. Clean your computer, check its voltage, and see if the problem persists. If you do, it’s probably time to find a new card.

Its structure looks old.

Like visual patterns, poor texture can indicate that your card is on the last leg. Again, don’t just assume that your card is failing if you start having structural problems. This could easily be a problem with your drivers, corrupt textures in your game installation, or compatibility with your card. Do some research online and see if anyone else is having similar problems, and try reinstalling this game where weird textures are found. Hopefully, they will be dealing with a software issue instead of a hardware issue.

They are constantly experiencing glitches / blue screens

Things are getting worse now. If your system permanently hangs or shows a blue screen whenever your graphics card starts pushing (for example, when playing a graphically intense game), then there is a good chance that your card fails. Will be (or will be) soon. This is especially true if they are involved in crashes that involve a significant amount of visual art (but no blue screen). I had this problem with some games. It turned out that this caused my old best graphics card fan to break and it was getting hotter as a result. The card worked fine, but the fan needed to be replaced.

The fan is much higher than it should be.

If the fan on your graphics card looks more like a jet turbine, it could be because the graphics card’s temperature has reached a critical level. While this is not a sign that your card is running out of time, running the graphics card above the recommended operating temperature can cause permanent damage. Like artifact issues, try to dust off your graphics card. If there is no sound after getting rid of the extra dust, your card is not running out. If the fan keeps going crazy, they may need to change your card.


Last but not least, try downloading and running the Furmark benchmark. If your card manages to complete the process without overcharging, this is probably fine. Note that any such drastic action can speed up any graphics card problems you may have and cause your card to fail. Even if it ultimately fails on its own, it may mean that some of you will want to avoid it.

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