Find out when you should change your PC power supply

Find out when you should change your PC power supply

Do you want to know how to Find out when you should change your PC power supply so you are on the right place we discuss all factors in this article

These components are products with a long lifespan, which makes it difficult to know when to change the power supply. Keep in mind that they are not outdated like a processor, graphics card or RAM memory, but rather their purpose is very simple, but important.

It is important to know the keys or symptoms that warn us that it is time to change our source . Not everyone knows what they are, so they usually only change the source when it breaks or offers insufficient cables for all the connections.

When should you change your power supply?

Your computer is completely unplugged

Next, we are going to show you the keys that you must know to know when it is time to replace the power supply. In addition, we will take the opportunity to give you some advice regarding a future update of this component, which we believe may be useful to you.

insufficient power

It is the typical case in which we buy a power supply just for the equipment that we assembled at that time. Time has passed and we have updated the PC, maintaining the power supply. However, the components we have installed consume much more power than the ones we installed in the first place.

So, we will have a source that does not supply enough power to all the components. You will see that we can turn on the PC and play with it, so what is the problem? Well, the GPU and CPU will not work at 100% of their performance because they do not receive enough energy to maximise their possibilities.

For those of you who want to upgrade your source for this reason, take a look at what your GPU and CPU are consuming at full load to know how much power you need, as well as choose a good energy certification .

Reduce consumption

It may be that your source supplies the energy that the PC needs, but the problem comes in the electricity bill . If our source has a non-existent or poor energy certification, it will be much less efficient than another that does have a good certification.

From an 80 PLUS Gold certification we obtain a significant change in the consumption of the source. So, this is another reason why we need to know when to change the power supply.

If you choose a Titanium or Platinum certification , you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

When to change our power supply, if insufficient cables

This is a problem that affects the sources with fixed wiring, since the modular or semi-modular contemplate different configurations. With a fixed wiring source we will have to look for adapters that allow the connection of certain components, such as graphics cards.

In the end, we ended up getting fed up with looking for adapters, so we ended up buying another power supply . However, in our opinion, it is a mistake to buy a source with this wiring again because we will have the same problem in the future.

A modular or semi-modular power supply will give us many more options in relation to the connection of components, as well as help us reduce heat because we will have fewer loose cables around the PC. This last fact acts as an obstacle with respect to the air circuit.

We advise you to change the power supply as soon as you start installing graphics cards with 2 connectors, such as when you add several hard drives with SATA connections.


This is a rare occurrence, but you may have experienced some instability in your system. After thorough investigation, you conclude that the culprit is neither the CPU, nor the GPU, nor any other component. It is possible that at a certain workload, the source is not able to deliver enough power .

This can cause some system instability, such as FPS drops . Normally, it is an error that occurs in the power supplies, not our problem. We insist that this phenomenon is not normal, but it can happen to you. Unfortunately, the solution is to checkout and purchase a new font.


There comes a fateful moment when the power supply says enough, and we will not be able to do anything to fix it. So, arguably this is one of the times where we will know 100% when to change the power supply, as it has become inoperative.From my personal experience, it is important that you connect the pins of the PC case to the motherboard well. If your source does not have protection against short circuits or overloads, you may be in for a scare. Specifically, misconnecting these pins can end the life of the power supply.

Likewise, it does not have to break because of us. It is very common for a power supply to break due to a drop in voltage or because the leads jump.