Gamer Chair Measurements Complete Guide

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Gamer Chair Measurements Complete Guide

If you want to be sure that the gaming chair you have chosen is the right size for you, in this article I will guide you through a beautiful table prepared for the occasion. Here you have the gamer chair measurement table.

How is the table used?

The purpose of this table is to allow you to compare the dimensions of the gaming chair you want to buy with the one in the table. For some models, you can get the manufacturer’s recommendations for the size of the user the chair supports.

So you can use the table to see roughly how much the seat you want to buy should support if the manufacturer hasn’t specified it.

You can also objectively see which chairs are the largest/spatial and which are the smallest.

Now, if you don’t want to use the table, in the next article I will summarize the categories to help you find your gaming chair.

The most spacious gaming chairs

The three largest gaming chairs are:

  • DXRacer Tank Series
  • AKRacing Pro Series
  • AKRacing Max Series

The DXRacer tank is the largest model on the market. I haven’t seen any equivalent yet. So it’s the ultimate chair for those who need a big, strong chair.

Another surprise, seeing two AKRacing models in this top shows that the brand has something to satisfy the strongest players.

Honorable mentions in this category are the Maxnomic XL series, the DXRacer Sentinel and finally the SecretLab Titan.

Smaller Gaming Chairs

The three smallest gaming chairs are:

  • Noblechairs Icon
  • Vertagear SL4000
  • DXRacer Formula Series

I am quite surprised by the result of the Noblechairs Icon. Since this is a top notch chair.

The seat actually has the lowest combined score due to the width of the backrest being really small. When looking at the design of the seat it was to be expected. That said, it doesn’t mean that the seat is only for short people.

Honorable mentions for this top are the DXRacer Racing, Maxnomic Casual Sport, and the Vertagear PL6000 .

Lastly, know that having a small seat is not necessarily a disadvantage. In fact, the seat must be adapted to your needs, otherwise it may not be comfortable.

Superior Gamer chair with wide seats

Superior Gamer chair with wide seats

The three most important gamer chairs with a wide seat:

  • AKRacing Pro Series
  • AKRacing Premium Series
  • DXRacer Tank Series

Once again AKRacing offers the widest seating in this studio. If you’re worried that the seat won’t be wide enough to accommodate your butt, buying a Pro or Premium Series from AKRacing is a good bet.

The top chairs with the slimmest seats

The Top 3 is a chair with the narrowest seat:

  • DXRacer Racing Series
  • DXRacer Formula Series
  • Maxnomic Casual Sport

The 3 models mentioned above are made for slim users and/or small templates, it is not a surprise to see them in this top.

Top Gamer chairs with large backrest

The three biggest cases are:

  • Devil
  • Racing

These types of chairs are perfect for big players. Not surprisingly, we find the GTPLAYER at the top. In third position Racing makes its entrance at the top.

Superior gaming chairs with a small back

The first three gaming chairs with small backs are:

  • Vertagear SL4000
  • Vertagear SL5000

The Noblechairs Icon with its narrow back remains at the top of the ranking.

Conclusion on the table of Measurements Gamer Chairs

Keep this item close when you decide to buy your gaming chair. The buying guide emphasizes the importance of choosing a seat that fits your size. Thanks to the size chart, you can be sure that the seat you choose will be the right one.

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