How to check Power Supply Unit wattage

How to check Power Supply Unit wattage

Do you want to know How to check Power Supply Unit wattage so you are on the right place

A power supply turns alternating current (AC) into direct current, which is a steady source of power that computer parts need (DC). While some hardware parts, like an SSD, are optional, the power supply is not. Without it, the rest of the hardware inside the computer would not work.

Power supply is often written as PSU, which stands for “power supply unit.” The different sizes of motherboards, cases, and power supplies are called “form factors.” For these three parts to work, they must fit together well.

A power supply in the box

Back of the case or chassis is where the power supply is. You’ll see that the computer’s power cord, which is plugged into the wall, plugs into the back of the power supply.

Most people only see the power supply from the back. It also has a hole at the back for a fan that sends air to the back of the computer case.

On the side of the power supply that faces the outside of the case, there is a male connection with three prongs that accepts a power cord. The other prong goes straight into a power outlet.It may also have a power switch and a red voltage switch on very low-level sources.

From the source inside the PC, a large number of cables reach out. The connectors on the other ends of the cables send power to different parts of the computer.Some connectors only work with the motherboard, while others work with hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards, and so on.

Watts are used to measure how much power your computer’s power supply can give it. Each part of the computer needs a certain amount of power to work right, so it’s important to have a power supply unit (PSU) that can give that amount.

How do I know what power source I have and how many Watts does it have?

If you are wondering what is the power source of your PC;  here you will find the answer.

Since we will show you the necessary steps so that you know the brand, model and the capacity of your source.

How do I know what power supply I have?

There is no program that can tell you the model of your source or the capacity of Watts that it has.However , you can find the model and the power  it offers by checking your computer internally.

For this it will be necessary to remove the screws located on the back of your PC.

By removing the cover you will be able to see your power supply ; there is a possibility that the label is on the other side, if this is your case it will be necessary to remove the other cover.

In this case you can see the label; although it reads backwards.

By the way; Here I leave the link in case you want to learn more about the power source .

How do I know how many watts my power supply has?

To find out how many Watts your power source has ; You just have to look at the label, it contains all the data you need, such as:

  • The brand: Cooler Master.
  • Number of Watts: 500W.
  • product no. RS-500-PCAR-D3.

How many Watts do I need my power source?

If you are wondering how many watts you need;  That will depend on the components of your computer .

If your power supply is damaged and you want to put a new one ; in most cases it will suffice to put a source of the same power or more.

For example, if your source was 500W, put another 500W or more; If you are building a PC , you must add the electrical consumption of each component e.

Like the processor, motherboard, video card, and all the components that your computer has.

If your computer reboots a lot ; unexpectedly shuts down or gives blue screens after adding a new item to your PC.

As could be a video card; There’s a chance that your source doesn’t have the wattage you need, so remember to calculate the watts you need. 

How to know if a source is certified?

With the product number you can search for more specific information from your source.

If it doesn’t have this number or you can’t find it on an official page,  chances are your font is generic.

To get an idea about the source and know if it is certified ; You can guide yourself by these characteristics:

Its weight is much greater than the generic ones ; this is because its electronic components are of better quality.

The fan is much larger ; because certified sources are more powerful and generate more heat.The appearance; They are usually dark in color and the difference with other common fonts is noticeable at first glance.

Although a power source meets one of these characteristics; does not necessarily mean that it is certified .

Since, as mentioned above, what ensures this is the product number located on its label.