How to clean the motherboard – Steps and recommendations

How to clean the motherboard – Steps and recommendations

As time goes by, our PC inevitably ages, dust accumulates inside our motherboard and other components, it slows down, it becomes more and more difficult to navigate the internet and its parts deteriorate more and more. There are a million scenarios for which it may be necessary to resort to a good cleaning of our technological devices.

There are cases where a soft drink falls on our desktop computer and everything is sticky and unusable, this in one way or another ends up dripping on your motherboard , we have even heard cases in which ice cream, chocolate melted or any type of candy or candy.

That is why today we bring you these practical tips for cleaning the motherboard. There are no limits, and always with the help of the heat produced by the summer, from the electronic device itself or perhaps from the human body, which contribute to the work of making a complete mess.

One of the main problems that we all have is that the intake of the fans of our computer sucks in dust, this is deposited on the ventilation and as a consequence our motherboard fills with dust. If we don’t remove it from time to time,

the dust will gradually cause the computer to overheat and it will get worse and worse. In the worst situation, it can cause a short circuit that ruins our beloved motherboard.

For this task we will need:

  • Compressed air
  • Brush with very soft bristles
  • cotton swabs
  • Isopropyl alcohol
Steps to clean the motherboard

Steps to clean the motherboard:

For a general cleaning, we are going to remove the side cover of the chassis of our computer, we can clean the motherboard right there or completely remove the motherboard from the chassis, this is your choice.

Below are two options for removing loose dirt and dust. The first is to blow it out with a can of compressed air. The second is to vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner or dust collector. If you choose to use compressed air,

be aware that it could cause static and damage your computer, so it’s important to hold the compressed air away from the motherboard by a couple of inches. If the dust is too attached, the ideal would be to use a soft brush and remove as much as possible , and then use compressed air.

If there are sticky substances or dirt that cannot be removed, you will have to use a liquid cleaner with GREAT care. Adding liquid to a motherboard is never a good idea and great care must be taken not to cause any damage.

In this case, the most recommended is isopropyl alcohol (if possible, avoid common alcohol) , which dries very quickly and does not cause short circuits.

Moisten a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol , and gently wipe away the sticky substance. The alcohol will help remove dirt and will evaporate quickly to lessen the chance of electrical damage.

Let the motherboard dry completely before reinstalling or turning it back on.

Additional tips and ideas

Before using any liquid cleaner, make sure your computer is completely turned off. It is important to carry out this entire process with the computer completely turned off, directly disconnecting the plug from the outlet (not simply turning off the computer from the power button).

You should also note that applying any liquid to the motherboard will likely void your warranty, so keep this in mind.

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