How to clean your gaming chair to always keep it looking new

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How to clean your gaming chair to always keep it looking new

In the same way that gaming chairs are already one more peripheral in our ecosystem for the PC today, we must also clean them periodically and not only so that they maintain a good aesthetic appearance, but also so that they last as long as possible. So, we are going to show you how to clean a gaming chair , be it fabric, synthetic leather or real leather, to keep it looking new and to last as long as possible.

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How to clean the upholstery of your gaming chair

We are going to distinguish here in the three main types of upholstery that we can find in gaming chairs: fabric, synthetic leather and genuine leather or leather.

Fabric gaming chairs

Fabric chairs are a bit more complicated to clean than synthetic leather ones, since just as their surface is breathable, it also happens that dirt enters deeper into it. If we clean the chair weekly, as a general rule, it will be enough to vacuum it using, if possible, a brush tool for this, since it will help dirt and dust come out so that the vacuum cleaner does its job. . It is important not to press too hard with the brush so that we do not break any of the bristles in the fabric.

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If your fabric chair has major stains , or if you have spilled liquid on it, then you will need to do a little more thorough cleaning and a vacuum will not do the trick. The bad thing about fabric gaming chairs is that the liquids will penetrate to the bottom,

which is why it is also not recommended to use steam cleaning techniques (Vaporetta and similar) since liquid deposits will form in the lower areas, which can cause that the stuffing of the chair will rot.

In these cases, a good solution may be to purchase a specific cleaning product for upholstery , which has a dry foam that does not damage the fabric at all and leaves it very clean, especially if bad odors remain. Its price is usually around 5 euros.

If you want, you can also pass a cloth with water and liquid soap to leave it like new.

Genuine and synthetic leather gaming chairs

The upholstery on chairs made of synthetic leather does not permit liquids to travel into the interior, which means that any dirt that they have will be on the exterior of the chair.

This makes chairs made of fabric considerably more difficult to clean than chairs made of synthetic leather. The only thing that truly matters in this situation is to avoid using any abrasive items and to avoid submerging the chair in an excessive amount of water.

The most effective method for cleaning it is to use a bowl of tepid water mixed with a few drops of liquid soap (such as hand soap, Fairy, or another brand) and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth that has been thoroughly wrung out.

The process is the same for genuine leather chairs, but you must ensure that the cleaning cloth is very, very thoroughly wrung out before applying it to the chair. This will ensure that the surface of the chair is left with the minimum amount of moisture possible.

When you are finished with everything and with that, it is recommended to wipe the entire surface with a dry towel when you are finished to ensure that it is left as dry as possible, since if it is not, the leather could fracture.

In the case of leather chairs, if you notice that some cracks are already forming, you can apply some horse grease to a rag and carefully rub it over the cracks to prevent them from becoming any larger.

How to clean the stand, wheels and plastic parts

You can use the same cloth with water and liquid soap that we use for the upholstery to clean the support and the plastic parts,

but you must do this step last because these parts have a tendency to accumulate the most dirt. You can use the same cloth that we use for the upholstery to clean the support and the plastic parts.

We may use the same cloth on the wheels as well if you choose. In the case that we have animals in the house, there is a good chance that the bearings have accumulated a lot of pet hair. In this scenario,

it is best to detach the wheels by pulling them apart (keep in mind that they are under pressure), and then using a butter knife or another knife that is not particularly sharp but has saw teeth, gradually take out the hairs while moving the bearing so that they come out.

How often should you clean the chair

How often should you clean the chair?

Ideally, it should be top cleaned at least once a week, and it is also recommended to be thoroughly cleaned at least every 1-2 months to keep it in optimal condition for a long time. Thus, giving it the necessary care and keeping it clean will last us as new for a long time.

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