How to clear ram on iphone

How to clear ram on iphone

How can I clear the RAM memory on my iPhone or iPad without having to restart it? If you’re an Apple fan, you’ve probably wondered at some point how to do this. The answer is in this post.

Why would you want to clean your iPhone or iPad RAM without having to restart?

As you use your phone, apps run in the background. These apps are going to use up the RAM on your iPhone or iPad until you see that their performance is very low. This is when everyone turns off their phones. A very big move, but it’s necessary.

There are also people who prefer to delete the apps that are running in the background. But then, what happens? When you open these apps again, you’ll have to start over. This means that many people want to free up their iPhone or iPad’s RAM memory without having to restart it. This is why. Can it? Yes.

Process to free up space on iPhone and iPad without restarting them

  1. Press the power button, depending on your model, it will be in one place or another, and hold it until the screen appears by which you can turn it off. (Where it says: ‘Slide to turn off’)
  2. Now press the Home button for a few seconds. You will see something that indicates that the RAM has already been cleared.
  3. Done!

Cleaning the RAM without restarting is useful, but it’s also important to note that it drains a lot of battery. Why? The apps stay in the background if you do this.

So that you can enjoy your apps as before, the terminal will have to reload the data again. Even though the memory has been cleared, this will still happen. This process of charging your battery with data is what will use up all of your battery power.

Because the iPhone and iPad are very good at how they use their memory, it won’t be necessary or good for you to do it very often.

Cleaning iPhone X RAM without restarting

If you have an iPhone X that doesn’t have a home button, you’ll realize that the previous process doesn’t work for you. Well, to free up RAM on your iPhone X, without restarting it, do the following:

  1. Go to the following path: Settings> General> Access. Find and activate the Estito Touch. In doing so, a Virtual Home button will appear on the screen that will allow us to follow the same procedure as for other devices to clean the RAM of our iPhone X.
  2. Press the power button until you see the ‘side to power off’ screen.
  3. Press the Virtual Home button for several seconds until you see a flash that indicates that the cleanup is done.
  4. Enjoy great performance again on your device!

We hope this post has been very helpful to you and you have managed to get more space on your iPhone or iPad.

If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us. remember! We are an official Apple technical service.

How to clear ram on iphone

Steps to clear RAM and speed up device in iOS

Cleaning up RAM on an iPhone or iPad can be very handy, and although iOS takes care to clean it automatically at any given time, there may be cases where you have to do it manually. Easier than restarting the device completely:

  1. Make sure the iPhone or iPad is unlocked.
  2. Press the side button on the iPhone (or the top button on the iPad) until the ‘Slide to Power Off’ screen appears.
  3. Hold down the Home button for several seconds, until the device’s home screen reappears.

Done, this should be enough to clear the RAM on the device. You will notice that the return to the springboard is somewhat different when you press the sharp rock, as if it had been restarted. Similarly, apps will remain open in the background, but many will reload as soon as they are entered, as if they were closed.

And what about the iPhone X that doesn’t have a home button? Well, unfortunately it’s not as comfortable as the home button iPhone. To do this we need to activate the Virtual Home button of the Assistive Touch.


A number of “secret” hacks and modifications are available in iOS, which are not necessarily obvious but can be incredibly useful. For example, we have seen how to minimize the size of the keyboard so that it may be typed with one hand in recent days. However, there are other items that are not even visible, such as the ability to clear the RAM memory on an iPhone or iPad.

When you wipe the RAM memory on your iPhone or iPad, you should ask yourself why. The truth is that it is only required in rare situations, such as when a device becomes abruptly slow or when an app becomes unresponsive, and it is a convenient approach to resolve the issue. Another advantage of doing so is that it allows you to restart your computer more quickly and comfortably since it removes all of the files and temporary settings from your computer’s operating system and applications.

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