How to Connect AirPods to Chromebook – Easiest Methods Explained

How to Connect AirPods to Chromebook – Easiest Methods Explained

Most iPhone users use Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro with their phones since they allow for easy pairing. Apart from that, they’re extremely simple to pair with Apple devices. Furthermore, you can connect AirPods to other devices. For instance, you can connect AirPods directly to Android phones, such as Xiaomi or Samsung smartphones. AirPods have been branded as an Apple accessory, but they can be wirelessly connected with other items. Also, you can pair AirPods with your Chromebook. If you’re looking to learn what you can do to link Airpods to the Chromebook, take a look at the article we have posted today thoroughly.

Apple AirPods are some of the most popular wireless headphones on the market. They are extremely simple to use and compatible with all Apple devices.

How to Connect Airpods to a Chromebook?

All iPhone users can connect AirPods to all Apple devices, including the iPhone and the Mac computer. If you’d like to pair them with Google Chrome, it is simple to connect to your Google Chromebook by pairing them with Bluetooth, just like any other wireless speaker or headphones.

To do this, it is necessary to check if your Bluetooth settings are turned on and ready to pair—the information on the bottom right area of your Chromebook desktop. Chrome is built to work with any type of wireless Bluetooth device, including earbuds such as AirPods.

If you’re looking to join Airpods to a Chromebook, you have to follow these easy steps below.

  1. You must click the network icon located in the upper right-hand edge of the Chromebook. It is near your battery’s percentage and a digital clock. When you click on this area, you’ll view the options available for Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth devices, notifications and other options.
  2. In the first place, you must ensure whether Bluetooth is set to “On.” If you click upon the small icon under the Bluetooth name and icon, you’ll be able to turn on the Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not working, turn off the toggle located at the upper right of the next window to switch it from blue to black.
  3. When you turn off your Bluetooth for your Chromebook, it will immediately begin to search for nearby wireless devices.
  4. If your AirPods don’t appear automatically, then press the small button located on the side of your AirPods case. If you do this, then you’ll appear in the Chromebook Bluetooth list.
  5. Click on the icon of your AirPods that is supposed to be marked alongside the headphone icon. When the pop-up says “Paired gadgets,” your AirPods will be paired. Adjusting the volume of your Chromebook will allow you to adjust the volume of your headphones.
  6. Then, you’ll notice a small pop-up that will confirm the pairing. You will also see that you are able to remove the pairing from Settings.

If you’ve completed the steps above carefully when pairing the AirPods to your Chromebook, The pop-up “Paired Devices” menu should show your AirPods as a confirmation that they’re connected and are acknowledged as such by Chromebook. After connecting, you’ll be notified via Chrome OS notification that says, “Bluetooth device ‘Name of Your Airpods is now paired and is now accessible to every user.

What happens if AirPods do not connect to Chromebook?

If your Airpods aren’t working with your Chromebook, You can begin solving the issue by checking whether Bluetooth is off for the iPhone, MacBook, or any other device that you are connected to with your AirPods. This will ensure that AirPods are not connected to other devices. AirPods aren’t connected to other devices when you attempt to connect them to your Chromebook.

Additionally, you could make use of a different Bluetooth device for it to be connected to your Chromebook as well. This will detect if your Chromebook has any issues – If it is able to connect to any other Bluetooth devices, it will be able to connect with your AirPods. The users whose AirPods didn’t connect previously to the Chromebook were able to connect to the device by connecting to another device between them and trying again to connect to a Chromebook connection using their AirPods.

Another option that could aid you is resetting your AirPods by placing them inside their case, closing the case, and holding the pair button on the case for about 15 minutes. If the light within the case turns amber and green, it means you’ve reset the AirPods and can then attempt pairing them with your Chromebook and again.

What’s the issue? AirPods connecting to Chromebook but audio is not in sync mode?

Suppose you’re AirPods connect to your Chromebook. In that case, however, you’re facing issues with the audio coming from both ears is not in sync or as a mono channel, or only the stereo side, it is possible to fix the issue by cover one or both Airpods so that they break the connection. After removing one or both earbuds then the AirPods will reconnect and be in sync.

Additionally, it is also possible to solve the problem by putting one AirPod back in the case and allowing it to sit for a couple of seconds before returning the device into your ears. The same as the previous method, this one will disconnect any of your AirPods and then connects it, restoring the out of sync audio.


Important things to remember:

  • It is impossible to join AirPods in a case without one since you’ll need to press the button located on the case’s back to turn on pairing mode for your AirPods.
  • To make my AirPods Pros discoverable, you have to open the case and hold the button rear until it goes white. This will mean that your AirPods become discoverable.
  • To remove Bluetooth and use the Chromebook to unblock Bluetooth, you’ll need to select the Bluetooth tile to turn it back on. It is also possible to open Settings and then enable Bluetooth by turning the toggle.

How do I connect AirPods to laptops and computers?

AirPods can be paired with any device that can support Bluetooth. You need to set them in pairing mode and search for them on your laptop or PC’s Bluetooth settings.

Final Verdict

We hope our current article will assist you on how to connect your Airpods to your Chromebook. These steps today will make it easier than anything else, but if you have a concern that comes to mind, feel free to post it in the comments section. Additionally, you may also send us your suggestions. If the guidelines we provide are helpful to you, then please send us your feedback.

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