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How to Connect Consoles to a Bluetooth Gaming Chair

To be completely honest, Bluetooth gaming chairs aren’t exactly wireless. There are so many different gaming chairs and they all have different features.

Not only do gaming chairs vary, but not all consoles support Bluetooth connections. If you have a Bluetooth gaming chair, this guide will show you how to connect consoles to a Bluetooth gaming chair. Yes, it is still possible even for Xbox One which lacks Bluetooth capabilities.

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The transmitter needs to be connected to the gaming chair while the receiver is connected to the console or TV. Here are the steps you must follow for each type of wireless transmitter.

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Setting up your wireless transmitters

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When you hear Bluetooth, you immediately think it’s going to be wireless. In fact, these wireless transmitters aren’t exactly wireless either. But, in order to connect your gaming chair to your console via Bluetooth, you will have to use these wireless transmitters to do so.

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There are two types of wireless transmitters. They are the analog transmitter and the wireless DAC (digital to analog converter) transmitter. They both act as a third-party device that connects the two devices (your Bluetooth gaming chair and console/TV) via radio waves.

Both types of wireless transmitters must be connected to a control and must be received by a receiver. Most gaming chairs, which offer Bluetooth capabilities, also include a transmitter and receiver with the appropriate cables.

The transmitter needs to be connected to the gaming chair while the receiver is connected to the console or TV. Here are the steps you must follow for each type of wireless transmitter.

analog transmitter

Power on the transmitter and set a wireless channel on the transmitter. You can see the wireless channels on the transmitter itself, which are typically labeled 1, 2, and 3.

Plug it into the headphone jack or audio jack (usually the 3.5mm jack) on your TV. Set the volume of your TV in the menu and the manual volume of the TV itself. It depends on the type of TV you have.Make sure your transmitter is on, as well as the gaming chair. Set the gaming chair to the same channel as your transmitter and it should be connected at this point.

You can test the controls on the gaming chair to see if it works or is connected. You should be able to hear the TV’s audio output to your gaming chair speakers.

Wireless DAC Transmitter

For an optical connection, use the cable provided by the gaming chair and connect it to the SPDIF port on the wireless DAC transmitter. Connect the other end of the cable to the SPDIF or Digital Out (optical) port on your console. Use the USB cable to connect the transmitter to your console and turn it on.

Turn on the gaming chair after connecting the transmitter to your console and turn it on as well. Set the gaming chair to the same transmitter channel as the wireless DAC transmitter and that should connect it.

PS4 Settings

While on the main PS4 screen, go to your settings and open it. Find Sound and Screen and open the next one. Choose Audio Output Settings and it opens two options. Select Primary Output Port and change from HDMI OUT to DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL)

which should be the SPDIF port cable we just connected a while ago.If it does not appear, there is something wrong with the (wireless) connection or the cable is not connected properly. Try moving your gaming chair closer to your PS4 and going in and out of setup to see if it works.

Once you choose DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) , you can choose the type of audio you want. This one depends on what built-in speakers you have in your gaming chair. It’s up to you what kind of audio you want to listen to.

Once you’ve chosen your audio, that should be it. Your gaming chair should be detected correctly and the sound output from the TV should be transmitted to the gaming chair’s speakers.

Xbox One setup

Open the menu screen from home and go to the systems tab. On the Systems tab, choose your settings. You will see many options or tabs on the left side of the screen. Find and choose Display & sound . Next, choose Audio Output .

you will see under Speaker audio three different options. Go to Optical audio and turn it on by pressing it and choosing Stereo uncompressed . You should do that.

other consoles

As you can see, all settings have one thing in common. Once the streamer is connected and both the gaming chair and the console are powered on, you just need to configure it in the audio settings.

It’s basically like changing your PC’s audio output to a different connection in device manager. Simply go to your console settings, find the setting that has something to do with your console audio, and open it. Look for the audio output setting and see if you can find a connection to your gaming chair or the streamer.

For an easier way to connect your gaming chair, you can connect it to the TV every time. Since the audio coming from the game is connected to the TV anyway, you can connect your gaming chair to your TV and have the audio play on your gaming chair’s speakers via Bluetooth.

Obviously, this varies depending on the type of TV you have. But in general, your TV should be able to have these features even if it’s not the high-end versions.


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While this entire guide focuses on connecting your console to a Bluetooth gaming chair, there are still plenty of ways to connect the two devices. This largely depends on the type of gaming chair you have and the type of console you’re using.

You can connect your gaming chair via RAC cables to your console or even TV. It works either way. An auxiliary cable can also work if you connect it to the TV.

Since the Bluetooth connection isn’t exactly wireless, you don’t have to opt for that feature when you’re choosing a gaming chair. In fact, you’re better off choosing your own speakers for a better audio quality experience.

If you’re wondering why gaming chairs are so expensive, you’re better off choosing a gaming chair without Bluetooth capabilities because it would just be extra costs as they usually come with their own speakers where the manufacturer doesn’t even specialize in making.

While there are plenty of gaming chairs out there, you can check out our review on the best gaming chairs available and see which one is the best option for you.

This guide is loosely based on the X Rocker gaming chairs. If you’re still looking for a gaming chair, you can also check out our review on which is the best X Rocker gaming chair out there.

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