How to connect DVD drive to motherboard sata

How to connect DVD drive to motherboard sata

If you want to connect hard drives and optical drives to your computer, you use Serial ATA or SATA. This is a computer bus interface that connects big storage devices like hard drives. SATA was made to replace the old Parallel ATA or PATA interface. It has a lot of advantages over the old interface, like low pins, high speed, and more. By 2009, SATA had almost completely replaced its predecessor in the market. SATA was found on all types of computers, from laptops to desktops, at the time. This time, we’ll learn how to put a CD, DVD, and Blu-ray reader on a desktop computer.

As a first step, we need to know what SATA stands for.

First, we need to know what SATA stands for because it’s very different from what we all know. Serial ATA is the name of a bus interface that lets data move between the computer’s motherboard and different storage devices, like drives, optical drives, and hard drives. SATA is just a way to move data between these devices and the motherboard. It has replaced ATA or PATA systems, which have made a big difference in the number of pins, making them faster, more efficient, and so on.

Now that we know what SATA or Serial ATA is, let’s see how to install a SATA Reader on your PC. The first is the type of cable that goes into the box of the reader or recorder. Having a screwdriver with you can help you open and remove the old reader, then put in a new one.

Putting in a SATA Writer or Reader

The first thing you should do is disconnect the computer from the power source. This way, you can be sure that you won’t be at risk and your computer won’t have any trouble. The best way to get rid of any doubts is to unplug all of the wires at once

Finally, open the cover that protects your computer. With a screwdriver, slowly remove all the screws and nuts that hold your reader to the computer cabinet so that it can be taken out of the cabinet. It’s important to keep in mind that nuts and bolts may look different depending on who is reading and what computer they are on.

After you remove the screw, take the old reader out of the special tray and put in a new one. You won’t have any problems because you only have to put it in and make sure it fits. After that, make sure that it is well secured on the tray with the help of screws.

In order to connect the SATA cable now that the reader has been put in, you must first connect the cable. To do this, you only need to connect one end of a cable to your computer’s motherboard and the other end to the recorder or reader that you want to use. These types of cables usually come in red and have a black connector on the end of them. Then you need to connect the power cable directly to the reader, which usually has a slightly bigger connector than the SATA cable. This is what you need to do next.

Let’s check it out. Everything should be fine by now. Reconnect all of your computer’s wires and turn on the power switch. When you start your computer, it should show that a new device has been added to your computer.

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  1. When you’re done with your computer, turn it off. Make sure to unplug all of the power cords.
  2. There’s a door on the computer cabinet that needs to be opened. People have different nuts and bolts based on what kind of car they drive.
  3. It should be on its own tray inside the cabinet, where you can put it. Most of the time, they are at the top.
  4. When you put the rewrite or reader in the tray, you can use the patch to keep it there.
  5. It’s time to connect one end of a cable to the motherboard. In most cases, the SATA cable is red and has a black connector on the end of it.
  6. In this case, connect one end of the SATA cable to the drive / write.
  7. Remove the power cord from the writer or reader. Cable: This cable comes from the computer’s power supply, and its connector is a little bigger than the one on the cable.
  8. The power cords should be connected again. Turn on your computer. It should show up on the screen when your computer starts up if you have a SATA CD / DVD / Blu-ray Writer / Reader on your desktop computer.


With a SATA DVD drive, you can make your computer more multimedia-friendly. This is the same way to put in a SATA DVD drive, and it takes the same amount of time. With a screwdriver and a little time on your hands, you can set up a SATA DVD drive on your PC.

Before you touch the computer’s internal parts, you should get rid of the static electricity in your clothes by rubbing your clothes on the metal part of the computer.

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