How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog in 2021

How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog in 2021

If you are just starting out in the world of sales and everything related to it, you will see that promoting products through affiliate marketing is a good option to earn money since it generates a return that could be called decent under economic freedom. .

If you are thinking that making money online is a good option but you still do not know how, because you do not know enough or do not have experience in this type of online modality or even perhaps the lack of capital to start your own online business, there is a lot of versatility in this, but as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, affiliate marketing will be your best option to start with .

Affiliate marketing provides all the people who initially want to start in this world, the opportunity to market something online , even without having your own product to sell, since you only need to register in an affiliate program.

As an affiliate you will receive a commission for providing your services to a company or brand that wants to market their products, that is, every time you have directed any visitor to a seller’s site and this visitor definitely buys something from you, you will receive a commission for it . Once you are a member of an affiliate program , most of which are free, you will be able to participate in these benefits.

Bearing in mind that one of the main things that comes up for this is that people can’t find websites or blogs where to market their affiliate products , then the issue at hand is whether or not you can do affiliate marketing without having a blog or website .

That is why we show you that to promote products and earn the commission with affiliate marketing, you only need to drive traffic through the affiliate links so that people see the recommended product and in case they buy it, you will earn the commission, which means that if you can do affiliate marketing without a blog or website.

Certainly one of the easiest ways to generate traffic that in turn translates into commissions with affiliate marketing is with a blog , where we can write articles and put up banners to drive that traffic to our products, also allowing you to earn money from immediately without being involved in any creation, delivery and payment of the product, having only to take people through affiliate links and make the purchase.

This is possible without having a blog or website!

It really is a true statement as you can start any type of affiliate product or service without having a website, and there are many ways to do it. What’s more, many people have been extremely successful in affiliate marketing without even having a blog. 

That is why here we will show you the most effective ways to generate money through affiliate marketing without having a blog , so you will realise that these tools to mention will be very helpful in your start as a beginner or not being an expert. in the subject.

There are many options for you to drive traffic or promote your affiliate links . So as an affiliate, I recommend that you start and resort to the methods that I will mention, since with them you can start without the need to have a blog: 

PPC or pay per click

This is a method used to drive traffic to the merchant’s website through our affiliate links . 

When using this method, it is highlighted that what you will do is hire a space on any website of any person that has traffic where you will publish your ad and every time someone clicks on that third-party site, you will be paid. It is considered one of the easiest ways to do affiliate marketing .

Write articles in directories

This option works a lot, on the internet there are several quite frequented directories that allow you to include affiliate links . In this case the people who read your comment in the directory will be able to visit the merchant’s website and thus verify the entire product, and if they wish they can buy it and you will earn an affiliate commission for making a sale.

Write articles in directories

post comments

It is a very common option, perhaps one of the most frequented by people who browse any means of electronic communication. This method is that in the comments of each publication of other people on another website you publish your affiliate links . 

The difference with PPC is that in this case you do not publish ads on other websites, but here you go to the comments of any publication they make and you will leave content referring to your affiliate promotion , obviously leaving the purchase link to guide them to the website of the merchant of the product or service. 

The key point of this method for youtube successful is in choosing the website or blog of others, because you must realise that there is abundant traffic that translates into greater possibilities that they will buy with your link.

A tactical recommendation for this method is to make sure that the site where you will leave the comment allows it , since there are many places that do not allow you to make this type of offer in comments, therefore they would eliminate your advertising text. 

That is why as a plus to it you make a good and decent comment that leaves value to what you are writing, since if you do pure spam the owners of the web could reject it.

email marketing

At this point what you will see is one of the most popular options due to the boom it is having, email marketing, or the maintenance of email lists. It is one of the means in which you can do affiliate marketing without having a blog or website .

In this affiliate marketing strategy , what you will have to do is basically have a saved list of emails of the most potential clients , to whom you will have to send articles or content of great relevance and highly substantial of all the products or services that you are promoting as an affiliate.

That is why we will leave you as advice that the article or content that you are sending to your subscribers is not always promotional content, this is because many people find this type of email annoying , that is why the best option will be that you provide them with extensive information of value and then you only have to add small text ads that link them to the website of the seller of the product or service. 

Promote offline

There are many ways in which you can generate affiliate marketing. One of these is that you can actually promote your affiliate products offline , the way of applying this type of method is based on any type of promotion done in flyers and brochures. 

Classified ads in general work better compared to brochures and flyers, the reason for this is that classified ads in newspapers tend to have a larger audience, which means for you as a promoter of an affiliate product, you earn more commissions for generating more sales according to the weight of the breadth of the newspaper, we always recommend you go to the best-selling newspapers in your area.

write free ebooks

If you’re good with writing, writing an eBook can be a very profitable option for you to promote your affiliate products without the need for you to have a blog or website. 

In this case and just like in emails and newsletters, readers might appreciate your eBook better if it is not too promotional, always remember to make it more informative, with a unique appeal. 

You’ll want to make sure the content of your eBook is related to the affiliate products you’re promoting , and just like the email method, you can place text ads or banners somewhere near the end of your eBook that link to the seller’s website and in this way generate commissions, taking into account the information instead of promotion as the first base.

Publish electronic newsletters

E-newsletters are nothing more than publications or articles whose main objective is to inform people about a particular topic . If you do not have websites or blogs and still want to immerse yourself in the world of affiliate marketing and thus become a good affiliate, this is a very sustainable and easy option, since you will use electronic newsletters to promote your affiliate products , guiding the people to the merchant’s website.

Since you don’t have a website or a blog, what you should do then is to send your ezines for free to various websites that host ezines on them. 

For example, we can bring you and, there are certainly many more, and if you wonder why I am giving you some examples where they speak English, it is very simple because they have what look for anyone who wants to earn money by sales commission that is to have a very high traffic and an equal PageRank. 

online conversations

This is the strategy or methodology that you cannot leave out whether or not you have a blog , because here you will find a very large traffic attentive to any presentation, that is, in chats, bulletin boards, forums, blogs and discussion forums that make topics related to the products that you have as an affiliate; you can easily find people willing and interested in buying the products you are promoting.

After all these tools that were presented, you will get the impression that without having a blog you can start working in affiliate marketing , clearly the answer is yes, in fact it is usually very easy. 

But you should keep in mind that you will achieve a more potential strategy if you have a blog, since, as you could see in several points, the depletion of resources will always be essential and even more so when they can bring us profit. The indispensability of one, you will see, is relatively null, therefore by following all these steps you will be able to get a very great benefit from affiliate marketing.

After all these tools that were presented, you will get the impression that without having a blog you can start working in affiliate marketing , clearly the answer is yes, in fact it is usually very easy. 

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