How to download and install MSI motherboard drivers?

How to download and install MSI motherboard drivers?

MSI motherboard drivers are important because they connect your motherboard (hardware) to the operating system on your computer. MSI promises long-term quality, and if the motherboard drivers are properly installed and updated in a timely manner, your computer will have great graphics and gaming performance.

The motherboard is the heart of your computer, and it has a lot of connections that connect to your hard drive, RAM, processor, and other parts. If it wants to talk to the operating system, it needs help from other drivers. A lot of people look for ways to get MSI motherboard drivers to work on their computers. Even if there isn’t a driver for your computer from MSI, you can download it directly from their website.

How to install MSI motherboard drivers

There are four different ways to install MSI motherboard drivers.

Now let’s take a look at these methods:

Download from MSI official website:

Go to the official website of MSI.

Enter the requested details in the “ Find your product ” section.

Go to the Driver Tab and choose your operating system .

Choose the motherboard drivers you want to install and hit download .

Follow the given steps and run the installation.

Update Windows-Driver and optional updates

Click Windows + to go to Settings .

Go to Windows Update option .

Select Windows Update from the left pane and click on “ Check for updates “.

Click ” Install Now ” to download and install the updated version.

You need to download driver and optional updates.

Wait for the installation to complete and restart your computer.

Use Device Manager to install drivers:

You can put an MSI motherboard in. You will no longer be able to use Device Manager to find devices that are on the web. Updates to the driver. In the near future, Device Manager will no longer look for updates on the Internet. Only if you have the driver update file will you be able to use it. If you have it, do these things:

Then, press Windows + R to go to Run in the Start menu. When you’re done, type devmgmt.msc and click OK to start. Choose the type of driver you want to download and install or update. A pop-up menu will appear. Right-click and choose “Install Driver.” You can choose “Install Driver.” Turn off your computer when the installation is done, then restart it.

People drive in four ways:

Install with third party tools:

In the case that you are not very good at technology, installing MSI motherboard drivers may seem like a very long process to someone who is not. You may also make a mistake while installing. As a way to avoid this, you can install the drivers with dedicated third-party software that does all the work for you and even finds missing drivers.

One of the most common problems with Windows is caused by outdated and incompatible drivers that don’t work. Is bad for the computer and can make it crash, slow down, or not work at all. Because you don’t want to do this again, you can use a third party tool to find, download, and install the right drivers for your computer in just a few simple steps. Check this out:

How do I install the MSI monitor driver?

Enter the MSI website and click on the search bar. It’s now time to type in the model name and hit enter. Then choose Support. After you get to the product support page, click Driver and choose the operating system that fits your needs. Choose a Monitor Driver and click Download to get the driver from the company.

How to find the MSI command centre?

To do this, you need to download and install the MSI Command Center app on your smartphone or tablet. In the mobile control panel, turn on Command Center Remote Server. Allow SoftAP management. When you’re done, click the Apply button..

How to update MSI motherboard drivers in Windows 10, 8, 7?

There are two main ways to get the most up-to-date MSI driver for your motherboard. Make sure you pick the right one for your case. So, either the MSI motherboard driver is missing, damaged, or broken, or you just want to update it. Please read on to find out how to do that.


Manually Update Drivers for MSI Motherboard

Method 1: Automatically update the MSI motherboard driver

As it stands: You tried to find the motherboard driver online and offline, but you noticed that the MSI motherboard still won’t start or doesn’t work with the GPU, SSD, or other things you tried to connect to it. As a general rule, it means that you’re getting the wrong driver. I agree that the motherboard driver download can be a pain because you have to figure out the model of your device.

In this case, it is very important to ask a professional and well-known driver tool for help. It can do this automatically with Driver Booster, which is the best driver updater. It can search for, download, and install the right driver for any device, including the MSI motherboard driver. Most people now trust it.

1. Download , install and run Driver Booster.

2. Click Scan . You may notice that Driver Booster is carefully searching for missing, corrupted or broken drivers.

3. In the search result, find the MSI Motherboard driver and Update automatically. You can also choose Update Now to update all drivers.

Driver booster update all drivers

Driver Booster can locate Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP MSI motherboard drivers for you. And then install it automatically. So you will notice that you have installed the latest MSI g45, z87-g45 gaming, MSI audio, Ethernet or 553 motherboard drivers easily and quickly. Launch your game to see if it brings improved GPU, RAM performance.

Method 2: Manually update drivers for MSI motherboard 

Or, of course, it is also up to you to navigate to MSI official site to find, download and install MSI motherboard drivers for Windows 10 on your own. For users with computer knowledge and skills, it is worth trying to install the MSI drivers on your own.But the challenge is that you need to know exactly what is the MSI motherboard model in your computer. Only in this way can you download the proper MSI driver for your motherboard.

1. Ir a MSI Support.

2. Get informed and get Motherboard right . Here you can see other MSI products like MSI graphics card, MSI desktop, monitor, etc.

3. Search to Find your product. Tarea MSI Z170 Gaming M3 Motherboard como ejemplo.

4. Click Download to get the driver.

All available drivers will appear.

Install the MSI drivers step by step.

By now, you will have updated MSI drivers for gaming, audio, and other motherboard drivers. However, most customers may have no idea of ​​the MSI motherboard model, so by far you’d better turn to Method 1 to automatically and accurately download the driver.

In short, I hope you can find the fastest and most useful way to update the MSI motherboard driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.


MSI motherboard drivers comprise a set of software that ensures communication between hardware and software. If the drivers are not up to date or malfunction, it can cut off all communication and your computer does not function properly. Therefore, you must install and keep your drivers updated in a timely manner. Use this guide for the same. Let us know in case of any suggestion