How to find graphics card serial number

How to find graphics card serial number

Whether you need the serial number of the video card to register the card for the rewards program or technical support, it will usually be found on the sticker on the original card.

If opening your computer and scrolling through labels seems like a lot of work, it’s best to check the packaging, documents or even invoices for the serial number. As a last resort, you can use software to determine the serial number, but the chances of success are very low.

Check the box or documents.

Unless your computer is easily accessible, well lit, and the serial number is unclear on the card, it is usually best to check the packaging or documentation. Modern video cards are sent in large boxes containing a list of all the features included in the card and the serial number printed on the sticker.

The label is usually on the side of the box with the barcode and part number. Check a string of digits and letters after the words serial number,” “S / N” or “serial number“. If you have already lost the box (let’s face it, some of them are quite heavy) check the paperwork that came with the card for the serial number label.

Check the video card.

If your desire to delete items is better for you and you throw the video card along with the documents in the box, then you have to check the card yourself for the serial number.

The serial number is usually printed on the label instead of the card. Check for a white or green sticker that usually sticks to the bottom of the card (the side that doesn’t have a heatsink or fan attached.) Depending on the size and configuration of your computer case, you may need to remove it. Is.

Card from the motherboard to take a closer look at the label. Just remember to turn off your computer and disconnect all connections before doing so!

how to find graphics card serial number

Check receipt

If you worked hard to save your video card receipt, you would know that the card’s serial number is obvious. A hard copy of the invoice is usually attached to the video card when it is sent, and you may have received an electronic copy of the invoice via email.

Most likely, however, the invoice number will be the SKU that the store uses to track the product, not the actual serial number. However, you can contact the store using the invoice number and ask if they have a record of the video card serial number.

Check the use of software.

Since the serial number is printed on a label and is not embedded in the video card, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the software to check it. Diagnostic utilities such as Speccy Piriformis and GPU-Z (see Resources) are able to query video cards and display related information

such as manufacturer, model, and device ID, but rarely the card’s original serial number. The device manager of the operating system, as well as the utilities provided with the card, is capable of displaying only the information programmed into the card, such as BIOS version number, device ID and part number, but finding serial numbers such as this one Long shot.

Where to find the serial number of your hardware components.

Either to register a component or to process an RMA if the component is damaged, all you need is its serial number. This number is necessary so that the store or manufacturer can fully identify the said component.

So it is very important to know where we can get this number when we are asked for it. And in this article we are going to show you the most common places where you can find it.

One component has a serial number, so to speak, the DNI of that component. This number under discussion is unique to this component.

And the manufacturer uses it, not just in terms of all the ingredients it produces. Also to keep track of the problems that arise in manufacturing batches.

For example, if defective components begin to appear within a certain range of these numbers, the manufacturer may order a recall of components manufactured between two ranges of numbers.

That way, you make sure your customers have a product that works perfectly. Although, at the moment they have no problem with the original component.

The most common places for serial numbers

It is not that the serial numbers of our components are very hidden. On the contrary, the manufacturer will always try its best to show them. In fact,

the first place where you can find the number of any component is directly on the box in which it appears. It is usually placed on a sticker which, in turn, is placed on one side of the box (never in front of or behind it).

This is done so that the store that is going to sell this component can use this number for its inventory. Thanks to this, the store does not need to open the component box to be able to register the said serial number for its warehouse.

Now, in case you have thrown away the component box, everything’s not lost. Because this level includes numbers:

Processor: On the sticker on the box in which it is sold. It is the only component that does not have a number attached to its body. Therefore, it is important to never lose the box in which it came. Or, at the very least, place the sticker where the serial number comes from.

  • Motherboards: Paper sticker on the front or back of the PCB.
  • Graphics Cards: A paper sticker on the back of the PCB.
  • SSD: A paper sticker on the back of the component.
  • NVMe – The sticker on the front of the drive, where most NAND flash memory chips go.
  • HDD: On the back of the sticker unit, on the metal body.
  • Power supply: sticker on top of supply or on one side.
  • Optical Drives: Sticker on component top.

Some component manufacturers may not choose to affix such a sticker on the component. Instead, they enter it into the manual, usually several times.


It may surprise some of you that the serial number is printed on a paper sticker. After all, paper is something that falls apart easily over time.

The fact is that the manufacturer is well aware of the average lifespan of the components sold. And, numbering on a paper sticker is done because you know that it will take less time than it would take to reduce the component sticker and the numbers and letters written on it.

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