How to install windows 7 on ryzen

How to install windows 7 on ryzen

New AMD Ryzen processors are slowly taking shape, and we already know the indicator data on what their prices will be, which will not be much different from their equivalents in Intel Power. These processors will see the light in the first three days of February 28 or March.

Neither AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake will work properly with Windows 7.

Since its announcement, many rumors have been circulating about whether the processor will work in Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows 10. Initially, Microsoft had said that there would be no drivers, but last week, information emerged that AMD was going to release drivers for its processors for Windows 7.

AMD has confirmed that it will not release any driver for Windows 7, only with official compatibility with Windows 10. This means that yes, you will be able to use Windows 7, but since there is no official driver support, you will have to deal with a lot of glitches. .

Processors work with Windows 7, but with bugs

In fact, trying to run a Kabi Leak processor with Windows 7 is a tiny, tiny experience. For example, graphics drivers (installed on Windows Server 2008) hang when resizing Windows. When 4K videos are opened on YouTube, the videos start shaking and cannot be played properly (note that Kaby Lake decodes it into hardware).

The same thing will happen with AMD Ryzen, and the operating system will not be able to take full advantage of the performance offered by the new architecture and its new features. In addition to poor performance, we will have more mistakes. This is especially true when demanding tasks are performed, such as games. If many games are already somewhat flawed and give errors, playing in Windows 7 with new processors would be a dangerous task.

In short, we see how old software is disappearing, and Microsoft is increasingly focusing on betting on Windows 10 to work with newer hardware coming to market. The problem is that Windows 7 is still doubling its market share over Windows 10, although it will continue to decline as the years go by. Years from now, we’ll see Windows 7 the way we see XP today.

Is AMD’s Ryzen processor suitable for Windows 7?

AMD’s Ryzen processors are not officially supported by Windows 7. D Because AMD’s official stance on Windows 7 Compatibility with AMD is that it does not endorse Ryzen, it is not required to support it. Pass will not be accepted. It is possible that there are other methods for installing non-supported operating systems; however, the following are some options.

What is the best way to install a Version of Windows on a new circuit board?

One of these issues is the system installed on Windows 7 prior to the update release. Facilitate this same hard drive about which users want to set it up in the UEFI configuration. In addition, make certain that the Tape drive will be the first boot available option. (I’m not sure if he attempted it.) Insert the installation disc into the DVD drive and then restart the computer to complete the installation.

How to install windows 7 on ryzen

What is the best way to implement Windows 7 on a 300-series motherboard?

The answer is yes, you can install Windows Installer 7 on 300 Series motherboards (at least on ASUS models), either by using an existing (tested) installation or by performing a completely new install. The BIOS contains a setting that enables Windows 7 assistance for USB ports, enabling them to function similarly to PS / 2 ports.

Is it able to implement Windows 7 on a motherboard with DDR4 memory?

The likelihood of your system running an operating system and RAM type are extremely low… so, technically, Windows 7 must run on ddr4 without issue. Yes, without a doubt. It doesn’t matter exactly what sort of RAM equipment you use, but the ram you have is critical, and Windows OS takes this into consideration.

Install Windows 7 with USB drivers

Windows 7 drivers for such platforms function with AM4 chipset compatibility since the 300-series chipsets are similar to those sold by Bristol Ridge and are based on Carrizo technology. IC. Audio and networking drivers are a separate kettle of fish, and users will have to hunt for Windows 7 versions.

Installing Windows 7 with a PS/2 mouse and keyboard should allow the operating system to access the equipment and install drivers.

The Crimson ReLive 17.2.1 Chipset drivers from March 3rd worked on release day. The URLs below are for 64 bit versions.


However, the older 1.2 and 1.3 USB recovery methods ignore the presence of USB controllers. 7 for Ryzen. A basic driver for Windows 7 may allow users to access devices, but this is not guaranteed. This can be done safely.

Install USB 2.1 drivers in Windows 7 unattended

The following drivers should be extracted from the aforementioned files by an advanced user acquainted with adding installation or driver packages to OS images:


With this, your USB ports will work. Otherwise…

Set Drivers to Install at Boot in Windows 7

This is how I installed the drivers. The essential assumption is that the operating system install the drivers. Except for the last two steps, all of them must be done on the secondary machine where Windows 7 was installed.

  • (Step 1) Download the ReLive Chipset 17.2.1 drivers.
  • (Step 2) Run the Installer until it extracts the files and displays the Radeon screen:
  • When this happens, go to C:AMD and extract the drivers. Make a copy of this directory and quit the installer. The installer normally restores the original copy to C:AMD.
  • (3rd) In the Radeon-Crimson-ReLive-17.2.1… directory, you’ll find:

Right click and select New Text Document:

To open the file, choose this and press Enter. Expect an empty notepad file. Add the following:


Save this file as’setup.bat’. Now look in the configuration folder for:

  • A. If the installation file’s icon is New Text Document, then the filename extension didn’t work. To see the entire name of the file, go to Tools -> Options and allow ‘Filename Extensions’. Rename it to setup.bat (right click on the file, select rename).
  • 4 Create a shortcut to the Batch file in your Home directory. Find the startup folder in ‘All Programs’ and right click to open it.
  • Give a blank directory. Right click and choose New -> New Shortcut from the menu. c:AMDRadeon-Crimson in this case).

OK, next, and finish. The directory should show:

Stop the system and move the SSD to a Ryzen system. Turn it on and wait a few minutes for the drivers to load. Control via mouse and keyboard will occur.


Finally, AMD has dispelled many rumors, and has announced that it will not release drivers for Windows 7. As such, the new AMD processors will only be officially compatible with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10 Something. The same thing applies with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors, which only work with Windows 10.

The main reason for this is that Windows 7 was designed even when the current Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 series did not exist, so many tasks have to be copied to the latest processors, which consumes resources. I increase. Restricting new processors to Windows 10 aims to improve the symbiosis between hardware and software for better performance and lower resource consumption.

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