How to know what power supply my PC has

How to know what power supply my PC has

One of the fundamental parts of a computer is its power supply or power source, since all the necessary energy is distributed from there through cables for the motherboard, graphics cards, hard drives, fans, CPU and CD readers; in general, to everything that needs energy to function.

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You should test your power source if you believe there is a problem. One of the simplest tools to utilise for this is a multimeter. This is how a power supply can be tested manually. You can get a power supply tester that can detect issues automatically if you want the greatest power supplies. Keep reading “HOW TO TEST A SOURCE OF POWER.”

Hence the great importance of having a good power supply on your PC, since the correct functioning of all the accessories of your computer will depend on it, therefore, having this tool with low-end or deficient features will not make you work correctly your computer; Well, it not only provides energy, but also protects against surges and gives stability to the system.

What are the main requirements to know what power source your PC has?

The reasons for wanting to know what power source your PC is currently using are many, they range from errors presented in the computer that force you to know the information of said, well, a blue screen shows that there is something that is spoiling the system and Windows can’t recover from it, and one cause of that may be the power supply is broken, its fan is loud or moving, etc. 

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You’ve come to the correct place if you want to learn how to determine “When You Should Change Your PC Power Supply because we cover all the details in this post.

Regardless of this, you may only want to have the information to be able to compare its characteristics with another or replace it, in any of the cases, we will teach you how to find out what power source your computer is currently using. Follow the steps below:

Your computer is completely unplugged

First of all, the only way to be able to know the information of your power source is through a physical inspection of the hardware or with the invoice of the equipment, but, through programs it is not possible, because there is no type of channel information between the motherboard and the power supply; only electrical conduits.

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Furthermore, the power problems could damage additional parts of the device or prevent it from turning on. To determine whether your power supply is broken or not, read our article on “How to tell whether a power supply is broken?

Now, to start with the inspection, you must disconnect any electrical outlet from the case of your computer, in order to avoid an accident. Next, locate the power supply cable with the naked eye from your computer, the one that you connect to the outlet.  

There you will discover the position in which the power source is located , well, this can vary with each model of computer, well, remove the screws and open the cover that allows access to the interior of the box, it is generally the one on the left side ; look inside the case and look for the power source, it is shaped like a black or silver metal box, a lot of cables come out of it to be connected to other parts, so look for that common denominator.

Check the label with your model number

Once the power source is located, on one of its faces it must have a label with the model and its characteristics, although with only the model it will be enough to search the internet and find all the information about it, its technical specifications , review and power in Watts.

What is the way to check how many watts your computer consumes?

If you want to know how much energy consumption your computer is using, you have several options, one of them, and without a doubt the easiest, is through programs that provide you with the information. Outervision is one of them, because when you enter the components of your PC, this application will indicate the approximate electrical consumption of your weight. 

This, based on data such as the type of processor you have, RAM memory, fan speed, CPU temperature, GPU, hard drives, storage units and the hours of use you give the computer, in addition to the applications that you use, because heavy programs require much more consumption; With this information gathered, the system will calculate the average of what you should be consuming in Watts . On the other hand, there is a physical way to carry out the measurement, and it is through a tester or electricity metre , you must place the clamp on the power cable and in a reliable and concise way it gives you the energy consumption of your computer currently. And if you have a program running that requires higher performance, you will notice how consumption increases. 

How can you check what power supply your PC has without having to open it?

As already highlighted, there is no way to know exactly what type of power supply your computer has without a physical inspection, since no software can do this; so don’t be fooled by malware that dresses up as programs trying to provide this information. Now, if you have your original equipment from the factory, you may be able to find the original power supply that your model comes with by default by looking for the CPU model on the manufacturer’s website .

Or, if you have a purchase invoice, the name of the model may come there and you can search for the characteristics on the internet , and finally, if you bought a power supply and keep its box, there you could also get the information you are looking for. It couldn’t be any other way.

Well, to choose a specific power supply there are many variables that must be taken into account, for example, how much money are you willing to pay?, what power do you need?, what GPU do you use?, its shape, amperage distribution, certification, voltage protection, wiring, cooling, etc.When you are clear about what you want and why, you can choose between a low-medium-high range device, depending on the needs of your computer. On the other hand, one of the best economic power supplies worldwide is the Cooler Master MWE White and Bronze, in the mid-range is the Kolink Enclave and Cooler Master MWE Gold, finally, in the high range is Corsair RM, NZXT C and Seasonic Focus GX which costs around 150 dollars.