How to sit correctly in a Gaming Chair

How to sit correctly in a Gaming Chair

Gamer chairs have currently caused a furor in the gaming market that just a few years ago was only concerned with the components of a computer specially designed for gaming or the characteristics of video game consoles.

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Gamer chairs are the first pieces of furniture that are so successful among the most enthusiastic about the game. In case you already have one, learn how to sit correctly in a gaming chair . Yes, your sitting position may be incorrect!

Tips for sitting well in a gaming chair

Gamer chairs or gaming chairs are chairs that were designed to offer the greatest possible comfort to people who spend several hours a day sitting. Whether in graphic design work, watching multimedia material or, of course, playing.

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But, although it looks like a simple chair , these have a certain difference with normal chairs, so to sit well the following is necessary:

Adjust the backrest – 

The backrest should allow your back to stay straight when playing. Many gaming chairs have highly adjustable backrests, so sometimes you have to adjust them by hand to ensure this position

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Rest your head

Rest your head on the upper area of the backrest: gamer chairs have a backrest and an area designed so that the player can support their neck and head protrudes above it. This is ideal to avoid pain in the cervical area of the back since the area to support the neck helps to support the load of the head.

Support the buttocks to the bottom of the chair:

 it is a custom for some gamers to sit by placing the buttocks right on the edge of the chair, leaving a space in the lower back and supporting all the weight of the back in the middle of the chair. . This position worsens if the head is also allowed to tilt forward, causing pain in the trapezius muscle, the sternocleidomastoid muscle and in the middle and lower back.

Rest your arms on the backrests :

avoid shoulder pain by resting your arms on the armrests included in the gaming chair . In quality chairs, the height of these can be perfectly adjusted, so you will not have problems finding the correct height according to the size of your arms.

How to adjust the gaming chair correctly

Customising the settings of a gaming chair is very necessary to maximise comfort and extend the life of this gaming furniture. There are four essential adjustments that every owner of these chairs should review and adjust to their physical characteristics or convenient use:

How to adjust the gaming chair correctly

Height : 

Set a height that allows you to place your feet firmly on the floor while allowing your eyes to be directed directly at the TV. The ideal is not to have to look up or down

Tilt – 

After a few hours of gaming you may find it uncomfortable to maintain a completely vertical back position. In this case, the gaming chairs have the option to adjust the inclination of the backrest, and achieve the right position for your spine. In any case, it is not advisable to bring your chin closer to your chest, since with this action you will be unnecessarily straining the cervical area of your back.

Backrest : 

the back must be fully supported by the backrest. Do not leave areas without support, as in the case of sitting with the buttocks on the edge of the chair

Armrests : 

on some occasions it will be necessary to lower the armrests or raise them. It will depend entirely on the position you adopt to play, but what you should try at all times is that you can rest your arms comfortably on them to avoid shoulder pain.

Have you thought about placing a lumbar cushion in your Gamer Chair?

The lumbar cushion, also called “gaming cushion” is a small cushion that is placed between the backrest and the seat of the gaming chair. Its function is to generate additional support for the lower back, with very comfortable results to improve the position, but also in comfort when playing. Gaming cushions have the following advantages:

More comfort no matter how many hours of gaming :

These lumbar cushions maximise the comfort that is already high in a gaming chair. With it you can play several hours in a row without back pain appearing. Similarly, it is recommended to pause the game every hour and walk for several minutes to avoid any type of cramp or muscle contraction.

Helps keep your back straight : 

These cushions make the correct position in the gaming chair also the most comfortable. So you will not have to opt for other more comfortable positions that are detrimental to your postural health.

Adapts to your figure : 

these cushions are incredibly soft and as soon as you place your lower back on them you will feel how it “melts” into the cushion, giving perfect support without sacrificing comfort

They are cheap : 

The investment in a gaming chair can be a bit expensive for some people, but the lumbar cushion is more than adequate in price for the comfort it can bring to your position.

Perfect! Now you can keep playing with the perfect posture to avoid back pain. Share with the rest of the players. How have you configured your gaming chair?

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