Nvidia geforce rtx 3090 ti review

Nvidia geforce rtx 3090 ti review

The timings for the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, a video card that NVIDIA unveiled in January at CES 2022, have been revealed. Unlike the recent introduction of the GeForce RTX 30 sequence, the RTX 3090 Ti’s announcement, review, and ban all occur at the same time in retailers. As a result, the RTX 3090 Ti will be available to buy as soon as the NVIDIA card is announced later this month.

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The official release of the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti appears to have been verified by VideoCardz. The RTX 3090, which will debut at CES 2022, will be built on the Ti GA102-350, a slightly stronger version of the GA102-300, which currently drives the RTX 3090. The RTX 3090 Ti, in particular, boasts over 3090 GPU clusters. Together. More CUDA, RT, and Tensor cores are available.

In fact, the RTX 3090 Ti offers faster clock rates, quicker VRAM, and better memory bandwidth than its non-Ti brothers. However, these enhancements come with a 100W increase in TDP. As a result, the RTX 3090 Ti will consume 450 W while providing less VRAM.

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More to know about Nvidia geforce rtx 3090

It’s hard to think it has been almost 7 months since Nvidia debuted the GeForce RTX 3080, the company’s first Ampere graphics card. Although it may seem like an eternity to someone who has been attempting to acquire a video card for the past nine months.

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The RTX 3080 is an intriguing device that improves performance by 20% over the more costly RTX 2080 Ti ($ 700 vs. $200 1,200). Even though many people are fortunate enough to have one, it’s always been tough to locate one, and if the cryptocurrency mania returns, it will be nearly impossible to locate someone on MSRP.

We’ll also get a fully unlocked variant of the GA102 chip dubbed the RTX 3090 (with an MSRP of $ 1,500) in the weeks and months ahead, though it’ll never mean anything to gamers: RTX 3070, which is built on. Because the GA104 chip is around 40% smaller, Nvidia can remove the bulk of these chips from the wafer. The RTX 3060 Ti, which shares the GA104 processor, maybe the most difficult of any Ampere-based cards to locate, as Nvidia appears to prefer the elevated RTX 3070 for its presumably good performance.

Then there was the announcement of the GeForce RTX 3060, which is built on the 300mm2 GA106 chip. It’s 330, but you won’t be able to buy it, and you won’t be able to get it anywhere near MSRP.

A point of reference

One is Death Marooning at 1080p, where the 3080 Ti matches the 3090’s performance by 1-2 frames per second, implying that the 3080 Ti is 4% quicker than the 3080, but 6800 XT Less Slow and 6900 XT.

It was between 3080 and 3090 at 82fps at 1440p. It’s worth mentioning that, whereas Watch Dogs Legion is an Nvidia-hosted game, Assassin’s Creed is indeed a Valhalla AMD-hosted game. In this game, Radeon GPUs take full use of performance; for example, the 6900 XT is 28% faster than that of the 3080 Ti.

The new 3080 Ti Vanilla is 8% quicker than the 3080 and 5% faster than that of the 3090 at 1440p, but we’re still seeking performance against the 6900 XT.

After all, the 3080 Ti was just 4% slower than the 3090 at 4K, 11 percent faster than that of the 3080, and 6% quicker than that of the 6900 XT. The margins are fairly comparable to those seen in the first three games, so let’s average 12 games.

Nvidia geforce rtx 3090 ti review

Performance is average.

The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti; no, that’s the RTX 3090 with half VRAM; outperformed the other 12 titles we tested at 1080p. We’re talking about a performance difference of 2% and merely 6% above the typical RTX 3080. The 6900 XT was somewhat faster, with an average performance improvement of 7%, for those searching for the greatest performance for multiplayer games at low resolutions.

At 1440p, where 3080 Ti is 4% weaker than 3090, the margin improves slightly. Despite the fact that it’s only 5% lower than the 6900 XT, the Radeon GPU was somewhat faster for rasterization speed in over a handful of test games, and it also has greater VRAM.

At 4K, the 3080 edged out the Ti 6900 XT by just 3%. It’s 4% weaker than the RTX 3090 and 9% quicker than the RTX 3080.

Consumption of energy

We’ll focus on the overall findings of the system and halt the Nvidia PCAT test since we want to look into some of the claims about task scheduling more thoroughly.

This is the torment power consumption; you can see that the 3080 Ti is fairly close to the 3080 and 3090, and falls somewhere in the middle. The 3080 Ti was 6% quicker than the typical 6900 XT in this case, but overall system consumption was 9% higher, indicating that RDNA2 was marginally more efficient, while it had minimal effect on the overall performance.

ASUS and MSI have AIB cards.

We have had some AIB cards on hand, so we’ll go over them and overclock them quickly. Because they appear to be physically identical, Nvidia Founders Edition units appear to have stolen coolers from the RTX 3080. The 3080’s total board power is 320 watts, whereas the 3080 Ti’s is 350 watts, a 9 percent increase.

The maximum working temperature rises from 2 to 77 degrees Celsius, and the fan speed rises from 200 to 2100 RPM, resulting in a nearly equal user experience. The FE woman’s system’s clock frequency of 1770 MHz is higher than the claimed GPU boost rate in these circumstances, yet Nvidia’s GPU boost still works. Keep in mind that this is an impressive outcome for dual-slot graphics cards when we looked at the bigger AIB models.


The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is essentially a GeForce RTX 3090 with half the VRAM. Overall, this is good news because it is less expensive at $ 1,200, but the exact cost of the road is unknown.

Some things haven’t changed: the RTX 3080 Ti is still really quick, it’s a technically excellent device, and the additional 2GB of video RAM is a wonderful addition. However, at $ 1,200 and current stock concerns, this is a horrible time version that obviously doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t improve anything, at least from a player’s perspective.

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