Tips for adjusting a gaming chair

Tips for adjusting a gaming chair

We want to give you the best tips for adjusting a gaming chair , regardless of the type of chair and model you have at home or in the office. To do this, we have to take a look at the most important factors when doing it ,

such as the height and weight that the chair has and can support, as well as taking into account our height and weight to adjust it correctly.

Gamers usually spend many hours throughout the day sitting in the computer chair, which is why it is so important to have a good gaming chair that fits your needs to prevent lumbar,

cervical or any other type of pain from appearing due to the bad postures that we have and that we do unconsciously.

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Although gaming chairs are designed so that we can maintain a comfortable posture with the ergonomic design at all times , if it is not adjusted correctly, we could shorten the life of the chair and also its durability,

so pay attention to the recommendations and advice that we are going to give you next about the good and bad postures that we have to have with our back, legs or inclinations.

User position and posture

The chair in which we spend so many hours throughout the day must have the importance it deserves. Therefore, it is vital to explain one of the main concepts that surround any gaming chair design:

ergonomics. It is the science that is responsible for studying the design of workplaces, and the tools and tasks we perform, in order to avoid physical, anatomical and psychological problems in the work capabilities of any worker.

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User position and posture

The chair in which we spend so many hours throughout the day must have the importance it deserves. Therefore, it is vital to explain one of the main concepts that surround any gaming chair design:

ergonomics . It is the science that is responsible for studying the design of workplaces, the tools and tasks we perform, in order to avoid physical, anatomical and psychological problems in the work capabilities of any worker.

In addition, with correct ergonomics, that is, a design according to our correct position and posture, we could avoid injuries and overloads on the back or neck , and even absenteeism, increasing and improving the rate of production. , efficiency and performance at work.

User position and posture

Tilt and comfort

Gaming chairs value the comfort that we should feel in any seat, but that we rarely experience in conventional office or office chairs. It is one of the places where we are going to spend more time in our day to day, so we need to make it as comfortable as possible so that it does not become an ordeal.

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The inclination is another of the key factors when adjusting a gaming chair , because the slightest change in it is enough to cause uncomfortable back pain for a long time.

The position we adopt when performing certain activities in a chair is not always the same or correct. It is best to have a good reclining backrest that allows you to support your head and try to keep your back as straight as possible for as long as you can.

As there is a huge variety of chairs on the market, there are chairs that have slightly reclining backrests and in other cases , a gaming chair can be adjusted to such an extent that they are even capable of having a horizontal position , totally parallel to the floor. In any case, the backrest must have an ergonomic curvature so that the lower back has support.

Backrest and armrests

The backrest is the essential part of any type and model of gaming chair , since it is the place where we will support a large part of our body. What we have to try is not to force our posture when supporting our head comfortably, because if we force it, it is because it is not our perfect chair.

As we have said before, the best chair would be one that has a firm structure but is not very rigid, otherwise it will not bring us anything good. It is also important to know that over time, the chair tends to get deformed and dirty, so choosing a robust chair that can be easily cleaned is the best purchase option.


The armrests are two fundamental parts when adjusting a gaming chair, since their function is to provide us with the greatest possible comfort when playing or working , because you cannot always have a table at hand on which you can rest your arms to have a better view. posture and inclination. They are elements that help relieve tension in the muscles of the back and shoulders, so a right angle would be ideal to be comfortable.

When you rest your elbows on them, they will immediately be improving your posture so you can play for hours without hardly noticing the accumulated fatigue. All gaming chairs can be adjusted and adjusted, although it is true that not all of them are 3D or 4D adjustable , also including height and rotation.

Height and weight

In the height section, we have to take into account two factors: the minimum and maximum height that the chair reaches and, of course, our own height .

We must know that the feet always have to be supported on the ground, never hanging or partially supported, because despite the fact that at times we have them raised, the gaming chair should allow us right angles of the hips and knees when we sit in a normal position. . Always look at the minimum and maximum height to ensure that you buy a gaming chair in your size.

Regarding the weight, we must take into account three factors: the weight of the chair, the weight that it can support and, finally, our own weight .

We advise you that it is better to choose a gaming chair with a little margin, around 10 or 15 kilograms, because you can extend the life of your chair and if you do not, you can also feel somewhat uncomfortable when sitting.

Designs, materials and fabrics

Designs and colours

The designs and colours are as varied as the tastes of each person, so in this case we cannot recommend anything because for tastes, colours , never better said. The important thing is that they all incorporate ergonomic design and comfort,

so perhaps the only thing we could advise you on is that it be a chair that matches the furniture in which it is going to be placed , but it is not an obligation or requirement either, because sometimes it also stands out more and it looks very good if it is not consistent.

In the case of not opting for a gaming chair similar to office ones and preferring a pedestal, rocker or puff gaming chair, keep in mind that your posture will not be ideal even if you feel comfortable, especially if you have to lean on a desk or table, since you will strain the neck, back or shoulders.


As for the wheels, you have to take into account what type of floor will be the one that will suffer the weight and movement of the chair , because if you do not pay attention to this, you could damage it,

scratch the platform or the wheels do not slide as they should. Plastic wheels are the most basic on the market and are the ones that usually incorporate the cheapest gaming chairs.

There are also chairs that have rubber, rubber or nylon wheels, so we recommend that you try which ones may be the best option for you. The good news is that the wheels can be purchased separately if you like a chair that does not have the perfect wheels, so you can also consider this option.

As for the skeleton that unites all the gear of gaming chairs, they usually have a resistant and strong structure , which is why most use steel as the main material, something that provides greater safety and robustness.

You can always find replacement wheels for gaming chairs, for example here.


The fabrics of the gaming chairs have to be resistant enough so that they do not lose their colour after a while, that they do not break, have holes or fray. Among the most used materials we can talk about synthetic leather, polyurethane or PVC . Any of these elements are good for our gaming chair, so it will be up to you to decide.


Some gaming brands offer users a very varied range to be able to choose more accessories for our chair, such as gaming tables or those used to support our tablet, laptop or mouse on the chair .

The complements and accessories allow us to maintain a much more comfortable posture, in addition to not overloading our desk.

The problem is that many of these accessories are quite expensive because they are not usually included , in addition to the fact that we need to have a gaming chair that is prepared for that specific accessory.

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