What Chair Does Timthetatman Use

What Chair Does Timthetatman Use

You’ve been following TimTheTatman’s career on streaming since he started his career in 2012. It’s why you’re thinking about becoming a streaming artist for yourself. You’d like to gain some recognition by having that same chair TimTheTatman. What chair do you have?

TimTheTatman is currently playing and streaming on his Herman Miller Mirra 2. This simple-designed chair offers custom ergonomics that can move with your body, from the most visible movements to less obvious ones.

If you’ve learned that TimTheTatman is a fan of his Mirra 2, you’re curious to know the details about this chair. You’ve found the right spot! In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits and features associated with Mirra 2 and discuss the price. If you think Mirra 2 isn’t for you, Mirra 2 is outside of your budget; I’ll also recommend three other options that are just as stylish.

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Who is TimTheTatman? Some Background Info

I’m sure you’re already familiar with TimTheTatman. However, I’d like to share some information about the background for those who aren’t familiar with this amazing streaming service, TimTheTatman was born Timothy John Betar on April 8th, 1990. TimTheTatman is a streamer from New York.

TimTheTatman began playing on Twitch at the end of 2012, well before the site was as popular as it is now. TimTheTatman gained fame by playing a range of well-known games, such as World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In 2014 TimTheTatman became a permanent Twitch creator and also an official partner. Audio-Technica Corporation sponsored him, and Betar is even a Monster Energy Esports team member.

In 2018, Betar was a recipient of the Fan Favorite Male Streamer/Gamer of the Year awards at the Gamer’s Choice Awards that were broadcast on CBS. The fame of Betar has grown more. The following year, 2019, he was a member of The Super Bowl LII NFL 100 commercial, along with another gamer named Ninja and NFL athletes like Marshawn Lynch, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Peyton Manning. TimTheTatman even made it to the Super Bowl!

At the moment, Betar has 5.6 million Twitch followers and is still growing.

TimTheTatMan’s Gaming Chair Herman Miller Mirra 2

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is one of the most affordable options that you will discover in the Herman Miller Chair. It is built to the highest quality you’d expect from Herman Miller but for a lower cost price.

A streamer with the same acclaim as TimTheTatman requires an equally popular. This is why Tim Betar streamed every game you love in The Herman Miller Mirra 2. Over the past 100 years, and particularly in the last few years, Herman Miller has become the brand synonymous with premium office furniture.

Mirra 2 continues the lasting tradition of excellence associated with Herman Miller. Herman Miller name. Here are the advantages and features of TimTheTatman’s gaming chairs.

Top-of-the-line Support

If you’re planning to spend hours playing and streaming as TimTheTatman does, you’ll require an ergonomic chair that will help your needs. Mirra 2 does that in many ways. Its Harmonic 2 tilt using leaf springs supports your posture in various ways-even while reclined-but without losing the feeling of balance or ease. Then there’s your Loop Spine, which allows for torsional flex to ensure you feel secure even when trying to stretch or reach. You’ve got an ergonomic gaming chair that offers comfort and support when you need it the most.

What chair does timthetatman use

A Chair that Moves With You

Mirra 2 becomes almost like an additional skin, not that it is glued with you but that it can do everything you want to do. If you alter your posture, the butterfly back seat will adjust the same way as the dynamic cuts and surfaces throughout the seat. The chair’s personal, nearly customized ergonomics will also move easily if you perform a larger move.

Advanced Adjustments

Mirra 2 features a slew of micro-adjustments that you can make to ensure that your sitting experience is tailored to your physique. The FrontFlex adjustments come in four steps to adjust the amount of giving your seat gets and the seat’s tension, tilt, and depth. Also, remember the Harmonic Tilt for recline.

If you require further adjustments, you can adjust the seat angle and move the arms up or down using levers.

Smart Material Selections

The cutouts that are grated on the Mirra 2 provide better natural movement throughout the chair and more air circulation. The air moves through the cutouts to ensure you’ll be as fresh as cucumbers when fighting the ultimate boss in the latest game.

AirWeave 2 mesh on the seat can also provide cooling while also distributing the weight of your body in an organic manner which creates Mirra 2 Mirra 2 even more.

Modern, Appealing Colors

If you’re looking for a color option in your game chair, Mirra 2 won’t disappoint. The colors available are Graphite (black), Alpine (white) Dark turquoise. You can also pick a Silver Alloy or Fog base finish.

Extended Warranty

Herman Miller trusts in the high quality of their chairs, and they will do the same for you. This model, the Mirra 2, is covered under warranty for long-term durability, which lasts 12 years.

Are The Herman Miller Mirra 2. good for Gaming?

Mirra 2, like all Herman Miller chairs, is a work chair. Would that make it an ideal option for gamers?

Yes, and here’s why. When the design firm Studio 7.5 collaborated with Herman Miller to create the Mirra 2, they did this knowing that employees do not always sit in their chairs. They rise, reach over and walk around just like gamers.

Mirra 2 supports all these motions, so this chair can work with you no matter how you like to play, whether sitting straight or reclined. Being in a rigid, rigid gaming chair that makes you feel like it’s fighting could cause pain and fatigue that make you want to quit your game early. It shouldn’t be a problem with the Mirra 2. Mirra 2.

Additionally, you get excellent ergonomic support with this Butterfly Back. It can also help reduce discomfort to concentrate on playing, not your backache. The cutouts that are grated and AirWeave 2 mesh are a perfect team for increasing the airflow of your gaming chair so that you’re not sweaty during your game.

It is also possible to alter your Mirra 2 in many ways, including the angle of the tilt, depth, and the armrest’s height. If you’d like to tilt to recline following a win, then the Harmonic Tilt can allow you to achieve that.

Most importantly, it’s the same gaming chair TimTheTatman utilizes! This is why it’s the perfect option for those who play.

What is the price of TimTheTatman’s chair? Cost?

Mirra 2 sounds like a good gaming chair, and If TimTheTatman loves it, you will as well. What is the price of this chair? Cost?

According to the Herman Miller website prices the Mirra 2 at $745 to $1,305. You can return the chair in 30 days if it isn’t for you and receive free shipping.

On Amazon, the Mirra 2 starts at $1,000. Design Within Reach has a chair priced at $1,075.

Do You Need to Buy TimTheTatman’s Chair?

If you’re looking for an office and gaming chair, then the Herman Miller Mirra 2 is one of your top choices. Herman Miller chairs are heavily appreciated for their elegant designs, stylish design, ergonomics, and adjustments.

Being in the same chair as TimTheTatman will certainly help you gain credibility with your streaming viewers. Even if you have fans, who had never seen TimTheTatman’s work, The Mirra 2 is a stately enough chair that even these viewers would be amazed.

Mirra 2 supports a variety of tasks, from work to gaming, relaxing, and enjoying a film on your laptop. It is possible to lean back in this chair and not worry about it tipping over, and with its five powerful rolling casters, you’ll be able to move around your gaming area without a problem.

Studio 7.5, the designers of Mirra 2, the creators of Mirra 2, follow the principle that “every molecule is important,” and they prove that they are right with their office chair. There are no other options from the back of the lumbar to the aeration.

The only possible downside to this Mirra 2 is the price. Like all Herman Miller chairs, the Mirra 2 is at least $1,000 and sometimes higher, depending on where you purchase it. If your budget for gaming chairs is less than three figures, you may need to rethink your purchase.

Other alternatives to the TimTheTatman Chair

Before you decide if the Herman Miller Mirra 2 is the best gaming chair you want, Why not look at the alternatives? They’re more affordable than the Mirra 2, which can aid if you’re feeling a bit shaky about the price of the chair.

Here’s a more detailed review of my three choices.

Herman Miller Aeron (Best Overall)

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most recognizable ergonomic office chairs ever made. Its top-of-the-line build quality and adjustability, and comfort, make it the perfect choice for a desk at home or gaming set-up.

You might want to keep your jaw in the air if you haven’t yet mastered it. Aeron by Herman Miller Aeron is the most popular model from this company and is an international bestseller over Mirra 2. It has received a lot of praise and a price roughly the same as the Mirra.

The two chairs stand out that they’re equally worthy of consideration. The Aeron chair, which has been one of the Herman Miller products from the 1990s, is available in three sizes that can accommodate the needs of more people.

The Aeron offers the same remarkable range of adjustments as you’ll find within Mirra 2. Mirra 2. The Aeron can move inwards by up 17.5 degrees, rotate outside 15 degrees, and then slide between forward and back 2.5 inches. You can raise the armrests 10.8 inches above the seat or use the tilt limiter that can be used to support three different postures and recline.

The recycled material in Aeron’s recycled material Aeron is as breathable as Mirra 2. Mirra 2. Thanks to PostureFit integrated into the Aeron, there’s no ergonomic support. The lumbar/sacral set of support pads wraps around the natural curve of your spine without regard to the other. You can also modify the pads to suit your specific posture.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair (Best Price)

Its Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair is one of the top values of price/ performance available. It offers top-quality construction, adjustable, and the most comfortable seating.

The best option for value for office furniture is Duramont’s ergonomic Chair, priced at less than 350 dollars. It’s likely to be more than you can afford, isn’t it? The chair is designed with a style that is more like that of the Herman Miller Aeron rather than the Mirra 2 but is a good alternative nonetheless.

Its Duramont task chair can accommodate users up to 330lbs. The caster wheels are rollerblades and move effortlessly and quietly. The integrated armrests and headrests are durable and comfortable. Lumbar support cushions are included to help your back, ensuring that your long stream is without a hitch. Additionally, there is a recline feature for ergonomics that lets you move the backrest around freely.

Mesh in the Duramont is designed to let you breathe in the back and on the head. It is unlikely that anyone will notice that you sweat on your streams, keeping your cool status.

If you’re looking to adjust your gaming chair If you like adjustments for your gaming chair, the Duramont offers plenty of adjustments. You can alter the angle of your headrest and the height about the distance of the armrest from the seat, the depth of the lumbar support and height, tilt tension, and many more options so that the chair truly is yours to enjoy.


If you’re looking to play like the streamer you love most, TimTheTatman; Then you must have this chair: the Herman Miller Mirra 2. The ergonomic office and gaming chair is designed to support your body throughout the day, mimicking your motions for a smooth, ideal experience for endless hours of stream.

If the cost that comes with Mirra 2’s price Mirra 2 has given you some pause, you can get the same chair the one TimTheTatman utilizes. I’d recommend the less expensive Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair or the Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair.

There’s no way to be wrong with these suggested chairs. Being able to play like TimTheTatman, your favorite streamer made it a lot easier!

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