What does acx mean graphics card

What does acx mean graphics card

EVGA is one of the brands that we all have as a reference in our search for a new brand. International guarantee, standard products and key additions such as performance management applications, overclocking, etc.

Their custom models are an example of quality and performance, but at the same time they are usually a little more expensive than the average model. Today we will show you the power and action of one of the latest creations based on Nvidia’s powerful GeForce GTX 1080.

This is not their most powerful model, but it is a good example of how custom models, if done with the right brand, always guarantee less noise and better performance than reference models. ۔ Mount the EVGA ACX 3.0 heat sink system. One of the widest and most complete gadgets we can find in the world.

EVGA GTX 1080 SC ACX 3.0

This is the second most powerful EVGA model for the Geforce GTX 1080 category. Its design has been significantly improved, and the GPU’s 100MHz factory overclocking has significantly increased performance. Get these improvements without touching the essential design of Nvidia, but without increasing its consumption capacity and reducing noise.

This system is made up of a simple but very effective solution where EVGA has added some extras. I am referring to the use of a large fund radiator made of aluminum, which is fed directly through the copper heat pipes connected to the GPU. This adds up to a much higher surface area for consumption than the vapor chamber blocks that Nvidia puts on its reference model.

This large heat sink is complete with two support plates. One back which makes the whole assembly more rigid and also adds some consumption. This is an element we all appreciate in graphics cards and that EVGA has carefully designed, even with some grilled “windows” that I don’t know how to improve card ventilation. Placed to create or merely aesthetic elements. .

Another plate reinforces the front card and also facilitates cooling of the card’s power supply elements. This card has the same power supply design as the reference GTX 1080 with 5 + 1 digital power lines, and uses up to 180w through its power supply from the 8-pin PEG connector and 16x type 3.0 PEG slot.

Hardware of any GeForce GTX 1080

The only difference of this card with any reference GTX 1080 is the frequency. The rest of the technical features are the same and as we mentioned earlier, in this model EVGA has not changed any of the basic elements of the card.

For that we have to go for the widest model in the series, which doubles the card’s power supply lines to increase the overclocking capability.

This means we will have 2560 shader engines, with 16nm Pascal architecture and three-dimensional FinFET fabrication process. Mount 8GB GDDR5X memory with up to 320GBps bandwidth on a 384-bit bus.

This large memory capacity and high bandwidth make it quite capable of cards up to 4k resolutions and, of course, perfectly suited for screens used by the latest virtual reality systems.

What does acx mean graphics card

New features and standards of Pascal architecture

Some new technologies have been added to this new chip. Some of them are interesting and some of the common things we see in each new chip and then we forget after two weeks.

One important thing is the renewed connectivity of this card. Nvidia says goodbye to analog support (finally!) And works best in digital connectivity. Three display ports with 1.4 ports, support for 8k resolutions (two cables for 60Hz), and an HDMI 2.0 port.

All have a dual link DVI connector that supports 2k resolutions. This card does not change anything regarding the reference model, neither in its SLI capability, nor in its video connectors.

This new update will support one of the most anticipated improvements this year, especially in terms of display port connectivity. Introduction of HDR display over 1000nits and double the color depth. Pascal will produce 4k content in this resolution for reproduction and will support screens with this technology and up to 120Hz in 4k resolution.

It will also be able to record 4k content at 60GHz with HEVC standard and 10 bit color depth. These cards will be able to compress games and HDR videos in real time and send them to other devices.

Overclocking and consumption

The design of this card invites more overclocking capabilities, but the truth is that we won’t get much more overclocking improvements than the “founder” models unless we sacrifice the beautiful noise levels offered by this custom model.

Don’t want to In fact, touching the working frequency of the audience seems almost a sin to me, but the good thing is, if we want to, we can do it.

EVGA offers a powerful monitoring tool for these cards, which now includes an OC scanner. This application, within EVGA’s “Precision X” utility, will allow us to automatically find the appropriate frequency and voltage for our card.

It also monitors and allows custom settings on the card’s dual fan system. If we touch them, towards higher frequencies, we can easily reach the GPU of around 1950MHz, without voltage and without exceeding the 220w that is with the power connectivity of this card.


I am aware of the frustration of many consumers who are not only currently unable to get the GeForce GTX 1080, or some of its sister GTX 1070 models, and that many of the prices we see in stores are below official prices.

Are far away It is currently impossible to find anyone, they rarely come, and some are taking advantage of the demand for these cards.

The only solution is patience. This is what touches. The price of this card is a bit higher than the Founders model, but it also offers higher prices for the watch. We also need to keep in mind that there is currently no improvement in the prices of personalized cards due to demand issues.

To me this model would be one of those people who would mark the line to follow. In fact, this design has been around for generations.

This is a fast card with excellent sound behaviour. It has something that is absolutely essential to me in a good modern card, which is likely to leave fans when it has a small consumption, and its sound behaviour under load is really good. Much better than what we will have or get with the Nvidia reference model.

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