What gaming chair does the ninja use?

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What gaming chair does the ninja use?

Like any self-respecting player, Ninja the famous Youtuber in Fortnite also has a gamer chair, but what model is it? After a few hours of research, here is the answer.

The gaming chair that the Ninja uses is a Maxnomic chair that was designed especially for him. It is a custom build, which Maxnomic created for the ninjas. The closest model is the Maxnomic Pro-Gaming & Office. But he’s not the only one he uses and it depends where he comes from.

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The ninja uses other gaming chairs besides the Maxnomic. Also, just because the Ninja uses this model doesn’t mean you should too or that it’s the best gaming chair on the market

Gaming chairs used by ninjas:

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  • Maxnomic Pro-Gaming & Office Series:
  • Characteristic :
  • Maximum capacity: 150kg
  • Recommended size: 165-184cm
  • Armrests: 4D
  • Lining: PU leather
  • Lumbar support and head cushion are present
  • Price: 349-299 euros.

This gaming chair is certainly a high-end chair, but it’s nothing exceptional in terms of build quality or even functionality.For those who do not know Maxnomic, it is a gaming chair brand that is in the middle and at the top of the range. It is well known in the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

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As for the dimensions, I think this chair is a bit small. With a back height of only 82 cm, it can accommodate people of medium to tall height, but not too many either. Anyway it’s a version of this chair that he uses in the montage made by RedBull.

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Adjustable Footrest

▶Adjustable Footrest: Footrest filled with sponge will provide comfortable support for legs, you can enjoy yourself easily by pulling out the footrest, when you don’t use it, also very easy to fold and clean. It will give you a wonderful experience in your leisure of gaming, working or napping.

▶BREATHABLE: The chair uses flexible fabric instead of leather, the breathable fabric allows air circulation, it will help you cool down even in the summer, it will be durable and long lasting.

▶ADJUSTABLE: The ergonomic design of the seat will give you a comfortable pleasure and relaxation at any time, the 135 degree angle reclining chair makes your work more efficient.

▶COMFORTABLE: The raised range of armrest is 9cm, one armrest with soft surface holds your arms more comfortable for long time working between armrest and mouse.

▶STURDY: The backrest is bigger and stronger for person who has wider shoulder, 3 degree gas canister can bear 125kg at max.

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