Best Motherboards for i5 6600k – Up-to-date List of 2022

Best Motherboards for i5 6600k – Up-to-date List of 2022

If you want to be a pro at gaming, it is a must to have the most powerful processor. Although Intel’s i5 processors may be older, they’re the top processors to use for gaming. The i5 processor is running at 3.5 GHz (3.9 GHz overclocked) and can process up to 4K resolution. But, if you’re looking to bring the processor to its maximum capacity, it is essential to choose the most compatible one. We will examine the best motherboards for i5 6600k in this article.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, It is a good practice to evaluate all possibilities before settling on one. Here are the top models to help you select the right one.

1. GIGABYTE GAZ170X-Gaming 3


  • USB 3.1 port type-C
2. MSI Z170A PC Mate

MSI Z170A PC Mate

  • 4K UHD support for an amazing gaming experience
3. ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming

  • Securer connection through technology for signal-coupling

For a professional player, it is essential to be able to run the fastest processor that you can. Even with their age, the Intel i5 processors remain the best in gaming. The Intel 6600k i5 is one of the most powerful processors to achieve this. But, it isn’t enough. To get the best performance, you’ll need the top motherboards for i5 6600k.

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Intel Core I5-6600K is an all-core and four-thread 3.50 GHz (max. clock speed of 3.90 GHz) processor. Intel is well-known for its single-core performance, which is ideal for gaming. It can support Ultra HD resolution, which is an excellent feature. The chipset was quite old, yet it can still stand up to provide better gaming performance. It also includes built-in HD, graphic processors.

So, let’s begin.

Top Pick

To get the best motherboard for the i5 6600k processor, our top choice is GIGABYTE GAZ170X Gaming 3.

Numerous characteristics help it stand out clearly. For one, it has an extra M.2 slot and an additional USB port that can be used to upgrade your system in the future. Additionally, it offers significantly faster data transfer speeds (16 Gbps on SATA and 32 Gbps on M.2).

This is the ideal motherboard for gamers planning to construct an ITX box and someone who owns an i5-6600k and an i7-6700K. It’s the best board designed for people who are just beginning to build their computers for gaming.

Overall the reviewers have been fairly high on this particular model. This board is all-inclusive, from the additional slots that can be used for future upgrades to the elegant and sleek design to a stunning game experience with audio. This gaming board is an excellent investment if you’re willing to overlook the small issues.

Tips to Buy a Motherboard for i5 6600k

Here are some of the features to make your motherboard ideal to use with an i5 6600k.

Form Factor

Each motherboard comes with its dimension and shape—ports, connectors, and places to think about. The mounting holes and the overall design for the electrical interface are important also. A design that works well should be the primary goal.

Supported RAM

You’ll need an appropriate motherboard to handle the RAM already installed on the Intel i5 6600k. You should also look into a motherboard that has support for RAM sticks.

Supported Processors ports, Expansion ports, and Slots

The Intel i5 6600k is considered the fastest processor; however, to get it to its peak performance, it will require an appropriate motherboard that will provide more than the necessary ports and slots to accommodate future expansions. The model you choose should be compatible with the performance of your processor in addition.

Chipset Support

To build a PC solely intended to play games, you’ll require a motherboard with chipset 100 Series. The chipsets cannot be replaced, So make sure to be aware of the model’s specifications that you are purchasing.

List of the Best Motherboards for i5 6600k

1. GIGABYTE GAZ170X-Gaming 3 – Best Motherboard Overall for the i5 6600k

2. MSI Z170A PC Mate – Best Value for Money Motherboard for the i5 6600k

3. ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard – Best Gaming Motherboard for i5 6600k

4. MSI Z170A Krait Gaming – Best Motherboard to Overclock I5 6600k


There are some negative reviews about this model’s compatibility with the Kaby Lake 7th Generation CPU. However, there are a lot of positive reviews about this particular model. Its ability to be used for expansions in the future and offers the most immersive audio gaming experience will make a huge impression on the people who purchase it.

There are a variety of characteristics that help it stand out clearly. It has an extra M.2 slot and two additional USB ports that can be used to upgrade your system in the future. Additionally, it offers significantly faster data transfer speeds (16 Gbps on SATA and 32 Gbps on M.2).

This is the ideal motherboard for gamers planning to construct an ITX box or an i5 6600k and an i7-6700K. It’s the most compatible motherboard designed for beginners looking to build their computers for gaming.

Overall the praise has been quite high for this particular model. This board has everything from the additional slots to upgrade later on through the clean and sophisticated design to provide an outstanding gaming experience with audio. If you’re willing to take a step back from the minor flaws, this gaming board is an excellent investment.


Brand Name: the Gigabyte

CPU Socket LGA 1151

Compatible devices: Supports the 9th and 8th Generation Intel Core Processors.

The RAM Memory Technology DDR4

Compatible Processors Eighth Generation Intel Core

Chipset Type Intel Z390

Memory Speed 4400 MHz

Platform The Platform: Windows 8.1, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7, Windows 10

Memory Capacity of Storage: 10000 TB

Graphics Card Interface: PCIe


X-Fi MB3 sound blaster to provide the ultimate gaming sound

It is transferable, and exchangeable Qualcomm OP-AMPs are transferable and exchangeable.

Four dual-channel DDR4 DIMM slots perfect for future upgrades A top-quality E2201 controller for LAN, which is ideal for gaming


  • USB 3.1 port type-C


  • There aren’t any power buttons

MSI Z170A PC Mate

It’s an amazing board that most buyers liked, but some were concerned about the design of the board and the installation. But, most buyers said that it’s a versatile board and that it works extremely well with the i5-6600k. Overall it’s a great option for gaming enthusiasts who want the best.

The value for money of this product is the best part because it’s a reliable device at a very affordable cost. Other notable features include the sleek and spacious design that allows you to connect attachments from an overclocking genie to help beginners. It’s easy to navigate and also.

This motherboard is perfect for anyone looking to buy a budget Skylake motherboard. It’s also a great choice for professionals who want to master PC-building. Combining this model with an Intel i5, GTX 960 (or AMD’s R9380X (graphic card) allows you to enjoy the latest games without any issues.

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The value and characteristics of this motherboard make it an excellent purchase in the eyes of everyone who is enjoying its advantages. The numerous positive reviews for the design and its performance make it an ideal choice for the i5 6600k.


Brand: MSI MSI

DDR4 Memory Technology for RAM: DDR4

Platform: Windows

The number of USB 2 Ports 2.

Total USB Ports 7


OC Genie 4-1 second overclock feature

Better traces as well as isolated circuitry for memory

Protection is enhanced as well as energy effectiveness

There is an overvoltage protector to prevent damage from unexpected events


  • 4K UHD support for an amazing gaming experience with stunning visuals


  • Reboots that aren’t as fast through firmware

ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard

In addition to this, recent buyers have a variety of opinions. While some users found the USB 3.0 unstable on W7/W10, Some praised the excellent gaming capabilities, along with the stable BIOS. Numerous reviews say that this is a great system for overclocking. It’s the perfect motherboard to meet the needs of gamers.

The overclocking feature that is extremely powerful is the main thing that distinguishes this motherboard. Its sleek design, which is compatible with virtually all gaming computers and the amazing LED display are just a few other great features. The computer also has access to 16GB of RAM.

Professional gamers will have the best, most enjoyable time playing this board. This is the perfect micro-ATX gaming board that allows gamers of all levels to enjoy high-end gaming. This is the best option if you’re seeking a simple and easy way to build a top-quality gaming PC with a limited budget.

Dual-DDR4 support on this gaming motherboard is the most sought-after item for gamers who are professional. This is a fantastic motherboard since it provides top-of-the-line gaming options for a price. It also includes USB 3.1 and USB 3.1, Type-C and Type-A connections and ASUS LANGuard security.


Brand name: ASUS

The CPU socket: LGA 1151

Compatible devices: Personal Computers

DDR4 Memory Technology for RAM: DDR4

Compatibility Processors for 8th Generation Intel Core


With the RAM Cache feature, games load quicker.

It comes with improved stability and Sonic Radar II scans

With brilliant LEDs, it is designed with traditional black and red themes

Faster boot-up times, comparable to improved overclocking capabilities


  • Securer connection through technology for signal-coupling


  • It doesn’t have a sufficient amount of USB ports

MSI Z170A Krait Gaming

The majority of buyers have commented on the stability of overclocking and the user-friendliness of the. There have been some complaints about the SATA ports and some reports of moderate performance. Many buyers have posted positive feedback about the BIOS’s ease of making it great for gamers who are new to gaming.

The motherboard stands out due to its sturdy build, and therefore, there are no bends or sagging when the addition of additional weight, such as adding connectors or components on the board. The red LEDs under-glow, along with the glossy finish of the motherboard, will allow you to construct an attractive PC.

Because this motherboard is compatible with dual and single-GPU gaming, it is aimed at an enormous audience. All can benefit from its amazing features and the low cost it’s accessible from graphic designers to gamers. It’s simple to put together, making it ideal for novices to build their first PC.

These Gaming Pro Motherboards may not be your typical powerhouse, but it is adequate with an extremely attractive and sturdy design. It’s not a great choice for extreme overclocking, but it’s very good if looking for a fashionable fit. It’s also easy to set up and boot.


Brand: MSI MSI

CPU Socket LGA 1151

DDR4 Memory Technology for RAM: DDR4

Chipset Type Intel Z170


Memory Capacity of Storage: 64 GB

The RAM maximum size is 64 GB

Graphics Card Interface (PCI PCI-E

Memory Slots are Available 4 Memory Slots

System Bus Standard Supported: SATA 3


Ideal for gamers with the tightest budget

Offers long-term, reliable and secure operation

The BIOS is a spontaneous one that is extremely easy to use

The design is sturdy and low-profile and contains all the ports and slots


  • Lightning-fast boot speed, no lengthy waiting around


  • It has the possibility of up to three slots to accommodate players.

Why Buy Intel Core i5-6600K Motherboard Online? 

I have tracked the net for you and it is incredible to bring the product home in a maximum of 48 hours, it is very easy and fast, which is why many people now choose to buy products online for this convenience. Do that which gives in return.

The advantage of getting sleeves online is that with a simple search we can see the actual price, see the deal and get it from anywhere, you can even request it from your mobile!

If you are thinking of buying this product in stores like Carrefour or Hipercor, you will already know the price. I have crawled the web for you and selected the coolest products and you can easily compare their price. Remember that every order you place on our website includes easy home delivery.

That’s why I show you the most recommended models on offer and the best quality-price that are in stock. On the other hand, you can review reviews of people who have purchased these products, all the benefits!

My opinion on the Intel Core i5-6600K motherboard is it worth it?

As always and at all times, make sure the motherboard works with the processor, as this is the one with the highest risk of breakage, as the pins are fragile.

Also, make sure the motherboard matches your RAM continuity (DDR4 is standard 2400 MHz) and your graphics card, do your research.

Finally, evaluate your needs, somehow call them basic. APU with motherboard without USB ports, video outputs, and others, VGA, DVI, HDMI, or display port output, to avoid last-minute fear, in short, without comment. Following these guidelines will get you closer to getting the most out of your computer.


What are the advantages and drawbacks of investing in a new Motherboard?

Upgrading your computer and installing new motherboards has their benefits. But, it may not be the right option for all users. Let’s look at the reasons.

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Below are a few benefits of buying an upgraded motherboard.

Accelerated Performance

Your computer will not function at its fullest potential if not coupled with an efficient and compatible motherboard. This is why to invest in a new motherboard. The upgrade you choose to make should be following the usage of your PC, whether it’s gaming or for work. Gaming motherboards should be fast and have sufficient processing power and sufficient overclocking.


A well-built motherboard will ensure that your computer stays in good condition, and you can count on it to do a great job. It is the primary connection to the peripheral devices, so the motherboard must remain steady and reliable.


Although there are advantages, there are disadvantages. This is one of the drawbacks of having a brand new motherboard installed.

Time and Effort

When you buy a pre-built computer, all you need to do is turn it on, and you’re all set to go. When you purchase an entirely new motherboard, there’s always the effort and time spent installing the motherboard, looking for any issues, and then reinstalling it.

Can any motherboard be used with an I5 6600k?

The Intel i5 6600K processor is specifically designed to work with LGA 1151 motherboards, and not all motherboards are compatible.

Each chipset comes with specific specifications unique to each chip and its features. These variations ensure that they are compatible and compatible with specific processors, such as those of the Intel i5 6600K processor.

The processor can be used with both DDR3 and DDR4 memory chips. A motherboard that is compatible with DDR4, as well as a substantial power delivery system, can help you achieve the top end of your processor’s performance. If you choose the best motherboard, you’ll enjoy the most efficient and the most efficient gaming experience.

Which Motherboard type can I get for the Intel Core i5 6600k?

Intel Core i5-6600K has support for various chipsets, including H B Q, Z as well as the 100 as well as 200 series. 100 series is older and was released in the year 2015. However, the 200 series, on the other hand, is brand new and more advanced, which was launched in the year 2017.

Motherboards have H series chipsets for home use, such as H110, H170, and H270.

B150 and B250 are utilized for business use.

Q150, Q170 and Q250 and Q270 are the most sophisticated business users.

Z170 and Z270 can be used to increase the speed of your CPU. It’s recommended for gaming.

The best choice with this (i5 6600K) CPU is the Z270 chipset compatible Motherboard, as it handles the process of overclocking with ease. If your budget is limited, choose the H270, which comes with some of the best features available.


The best motherboards for i5 6600k isn’t an easy job. There are many aspects to consider, and compatibility needs to be scrutinized thoroughly before buying. Selecting the best gaming motherboard PC is costly and also a high risk. This review can aid you in choosing the right one to provide a superior gaming experience.

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